Are Costa sunglasses better than Oakley

Are Costa sunglasses better than Oakley?

In the previous article, we discussed “How can you tell if Gucci sunglasses are real?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Are Costa sunglasses better than Oakley?”.


The sunglasses are handmade and are given life-long support. UV and polarized treatment provide excellent clarity. Silicone nasal pad provides comfort. Featuring 0% UV protection, UV protection, they have a resilient one-piece hinge, indestructible nylon frame, optional frames, and lenses. These patented packaged lenses raise red, blue, and green areas to striking levels while eliminating most of the yellow light. The result is sharper vision, darker colors, and sharper contrast. The COSTA 580 lenses are available in gray, copper, blue, and green sizes, making them perfect for any condition. Costa's proprietary 580P technology uses impact-resistant, lightweight optical quality PCs.(


Oakley, founded by American science fanatic Jim Jannard, has been working in the field of professional sports glasses for many years and has more than 600 patented technologies. Not only are they popular with the world's top athletes, but Oakley's military sunglasses have also become standard for U.S. Special Operations forces. High definition optical technology combined with proprietary lens technology, is designed to enhance the sharpening effect of visual images.

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Advantages of Oakley

The most professional parts are snow lenses, sunglasses, and sport lens frames. Special comfortable, the hinge design is very special and can prevent falling. And the price is really not cheap. In addition, it is worth mentioning the coating technology, which directly determines the optical properties of the lens. Generally, thermal sublimation technology is adopted. Many Oakley sunglasses are coated with more than 20 layers. Oakley's patented lenses can block 0% ultraviolet light and blue light, which is harmful to vision. The clarity of the lenses is even better than ANSI's industry standards. Oakley also combines high-quality sports frames with its own shatter-proof lenses to create a new line of sunglasses.


KoalaEye has always been a luxury, generous, and fashion brand. Compared with other commodities, the price must be highly cost-effective, and it has integrated into the world fashion trend. They have a low-key and unobtrusive design, bold use with exquisite handwork. The styles follow the trend and have all the styles you want to try. Integrity management, high-quality service, high-cost performance is the feedback of KoalaEye to the majority of users.

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