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Why Do I Need Bifocal Reading Glasses?

Bifocal reading glasses are typically prescribed for adults age 40 and older to correct presbyopia. Bifocal lenses are lenses that contain two lens powers that can help you to see correctly at all distances. If you don't know whether you need bifocal glasses or not,  your eye doctor can conduct a vision test to determine what sort of correction you need. At, we offer three styles of bifocal lenses for you to choose from Traditional, Progressive, and blue light blocking options. If you need help seeing both far and near, bifocal reading glasses can provide the perfect solution. These lenses have one zone for seeing objects far away and another for reading fine print up close.

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The symptoms of presbyopia can be seen after the age of 40, when you may begin to realize that your arms are not long enough to hold the reading material at a visible distance. With bifocal reading glasses, you will be able to see objects at all distances. Bifocal lenses can help you see both far and near. There are two zones in bifocal lenses, one zone for seeing objects far away and another for reading or writing.


What Are Bifocal Reading Glasses?

Reading glasses help bring small text into focus through magnification, making text appear larger. The normal reading glasses, what we call single-vision, magnify anything you view through the lens. Single-vision reading glasses are great for reading, but if you want to look at something in the distance, you’ll need to take them off. Then, when you’re ready to read again, you have to put them back on. So, what are bifocal reading glasses? Bifocal reading glasses help solve this problem. Bifocals are reading glasses that are clear at the top with a magnifying segment at the bottom. If you glance at something through the base of the lens, words will appear larger than normal, but if you look through the top of your glasses, objects appear as they would normally.


How Do Bifocal Reading Glasses Work?

For many people, turning 40 brings vision changes. Presbyopia is the most common which is the age-related loss of the ability to see close up. This can be a daunting change for those who already rely on corrective lenses. If you need help seeing both far and near, bifocal reading glasses can provide the perfect solution. Bifocal lenses have two zones. The top part of the lens helps you see things in the distance, while an area in the bottom half of the lens is designed for reading. This lower portion of the bifocal lens reduces the effort it will take for your eyes to focus on receipts, smartphone screens, menus, and other nearby objects.


Why Do I need Bifocal Reading Glasses?

Bifocal lenses are used for people who are both nearsighted and farsighted. It is common for people who are over the age of 40 to begin to notice a change in their vision and require the need for bifocal glasses. As we age, our eyes begin to have trouble focusing on objects at different distances away. These are symptoms of presbyopia are common to those over the age of 40. Presbyopia is different from farsightedness. This condition is a normal part of aging, even healthy adults with perfect vision experience this vision loss as they grow older. If you also need correction for vision, bifocal reading glasses can offer the correction you need. The bifocal prescription combines your single-vision correction with a new correction for reading.


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Bifocal Reading Glasses for Children

Nowadays, bifocal glasses are not limited to those over the age of 40. In some cases, doctors prescribe bifocals to children who have trouble focusing and suffer eye strain when reading. Children can benefit from bifocal lenses if they have problems focusing or have eye strain from reading. Bifocal reading glasses can help reduce myopia in young people during focusing on reading and writing. Also, astigmatisms can be corrected when wearing bifocal glasses if the wearer has other eye defects as well.


As for the bifocal reading glasses, this post from Koalaeye Optical has shown some information about bifocal lenses. If you have any different ideas for bifocal glasses, share them in the comment zone. If you have any problems with glasses or sunglasses, please feel free to contact us via email at and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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