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What are the best lenses for sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “What to look for when buying sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What are the best lenses for sunglasses?”.

Stained Or Painted Mirror

This is the one we use the most. It can have different colors such as gray, red, brown, etc. Also, lenses can be coated with a reflective film to show more brilliant colors. You can use ordinary optical frames to customize prescription power and dyeing. Or you can choose more fashionable brand design products, such as the first-line brand fashionable sunglasses seen in optical shops, most of which belong to this kind of craft.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/polarized-sunglasses)

Photochromic Mirror

This kind of lens is transparent indoors and darkens in outdoor sunlight. It can automatically change according to the intensity of ultraviolet rays. The colors are mostly gray and tawny. Some brands also have green. The principle is to rely on a photosensitive material to react with ultraviolet light, similar to the exposure of the photosensitive film. According to different processes, it is divided into base change and film change. The base change is to evenly fill the photosensitive material in the lens material. However, because the thickness of the lens is different with different powers, if the power difference between the two eyes is too large, the discoloration may be inconsistent. In addition, if it is high myopia, there is obvious thinness in the center and thick periphery, which may cause the 'mint effect' to cause uneven discoloration. The film change is to make the color change coating on the surface with uniform thickness, avoiding the shortcomings of base change, and the color change speed is faster. The shortcoming is that if the surface coating is damaged by improper use, it may affect the color change effect. In general, the film change is better than the base change.

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Polarized Mirror

This kind of lens can reduce light brightness by more than 50%, shield harmful glare, increase visual comfort, and enhance resolution and color saturation. After the light is refracted and reflected by water, mirror, road, snow, glass, water vapor, and other media, it will form a light wave that vibrates and propagates in a certain direction. This light wave will interfere with the normal line of sight, and the polarizer is composed of a balanced array of crystals. This structure only allows light waves that are balanced with the crystal to pass, and light waves vibrating to other angles are uniformly blocked.

As long as the angle of the polarizer is adjusted, the messy polarized light can be blocked. The normal light can pass through parts, so as to enhance the contrast, reduce the reflection, enhance the color of the scene, and reduce the atmospheric fog phenomenon. Because of these characteristics, polarized lenses are more suitable for driving and outdoor sports.

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