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How much are Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Are polycarbonate lenses good?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How much are Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses?”.

Summer is here, whether you are going out or driving, sunglasses are indispensable. Ray-Ban is the No.1 eyewear brand, and the most classic is undoubtedly the Aviator. The Aviator is also called a frog mirror. The Aviator, which was born in the 1930s, was originally a special goggle designed for the Air Force to protect pilots from glare high in the sky.

The price of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses

Ray-Ban's aviator sunglasses designed for US Air Force pilots in 1937 have almost become the face of Ray-Ban after decades of development. It has become Ray-Ban’s classic sunglasses series, and there are many new members in the Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses series now. The price of the Aviator is mostly between 160-180 dollars.(

Why are Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses so popular?

Ray-Ban’s is pretty good. Tom Cruise wore classic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses in 'Rising Clouds', which is popular all over the world, setting off another wave of Ray-Ban sunglasses craze. Since then, in recognition of Ray Ban’s outstanding contribution to fashion, the American Fashion Association awarded Ray-Ban a design award of great significance. The lens is a high-grade glass lens with extremely high clarity and 0% protection against ultraviolet rays. Most of the lenses are dark green and Ray-Ban gray.

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How do I choose aviator sunglasses?

A good-looking pair of glasses is not only beautiful in appearance, but also requires the wearer to know how to match the face shape with the glasses when choosing. In this way, the glasses will play their role in modifying, making you more attractive. Each type of glasses has its own characteristics and highlights. Reasonable choice and correct collocation will make you look better. Moreover, the spectacle frame itself is an ornament, which plays a beautifying role.

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