eye test results explained

Eye Test Results Explained - Full Explanation

If you have never worn glasses or contact lenses before, it would be confusing for you to read the eye prescription or the eye test results. Understanding the eye prescription is helpful for you to understand how strong your eye prescription is. Therefore, in this post, we will show you how to read your eye test results and show you the meaning of these different numbers.

Your Eye Test Results Explained

This part will elaborate on the eye test prescription explained. If you do not know the meaning of the numbers on the eye prescription chart, keep on your reading and you will find some useful information here.

First, you need to know OS means the left eye and OD means the right eye.

The Sphere or Sph means the power of the lens that is needed to correct your vision. The minus power means you have nearsightedness and the plus power means you have farsightedness. The strength of the lens is indicated by the numerical value. Lens power is given in 0.25 steps. So, the higher the value, the stronger the lens required.

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The Cylinders means the amount of lens power for astigmatism and shows the differences between the greatest and weakest powers of the eye. It is usually separated by 90 degrees. In addition, astigmatism relates to the shape of the front of the eyes, as the eye can be shaped like a rugby ball as opposed to spherical like a football, the rugby ball shape can cause vision to be distorted, Cylinders help to correct astigmatism by providing further power across one area of the lens.

Axis is linked to the cylinders as it indicates its position. It enables the cylinder to be placed in the correct position when the lens is mounted into a frame.

Near vision add is an amount of power, which added to the distance prescription, will provide clear vision whilst looking at something within an arm’s length range.

Intermediate add is an amount of power, added to the distance prescription, provides clear vision whilst looking at something mid-range, such as a computer screen.

Prism is prescribed to help the eye muscles and reduce the feeling of eye strain or double vision, which can be corrected by prism glasses. Prisms help the eyes to work together.

The Base is the direction of the prism that will be placed when the lens is being made.

That is all about the eye test result explained. If you have gotten an eye prescription, you can understand the meaning of your eye test prescription.

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