Why are black sunglasses used under the sun

Are black sunglasses good?

In the previous article, we discussed “Do non-polarized sunglasses have UV protection?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Are black sunglasses good?”.

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, the sun gets stronger and stronger. People in the streets all wear sunglasses. So, do you know why so many people like to wear sunglasses? What color is good for sunglasses? What color lens is best for sunglasses?

Why you should wear sunglasses?

Ultraviolet rays can damage the cornea and retina. High-quality sunglasses can completely eliminate ultraviolet radiation. When the eye receives too much light, it will naturally shrink the iris. Once the iris shrinks to its limit, people then need to squint. If there is still too much light, it will damage the retina. High-quality sunglasses can filter out up to 97% of the light that enters the eye to avoid damage. In addition, polarized sunglasses can use polarization technology to completely eliminate glare caused by the sunlight. Certain frequencies of light will blur the line of sight, while other frequencies of light can enhance contrast. Therefore, choosing the correct color for the sunglasses will make the effect better in a specific environment.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/polarized-sunglasses)

Are black sunglasses good?

Black sunglasses can block all visible light and do not reflect any color light. So you can feel that the surrounding environment is relatively dark. When the light is relatively strong, the pupil size of the eye needs to be adjusted to adjust the luminous flux. Wearing black sunglasses can reduce the stimulation of light, reduce eye fatigue, and reduce the damage of strong light. At the same time, black sunglasses are also an excellent accessory because of the coldness of the color black. Now, black sunglasses have become a tool for many young people to pretend to be cool.

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What color lens is best for sunglasses?

Dark brown: It is recognized as the best lens color. It can absorb almost 0% of ultraviolet and infrared rays, and the soft tone makes the vision comfortable and makes the eyes less fatigued.

Gray: It can completely absorb infrared rays and most of the ultraviolet rays, which will not change the original color of the scene. Gentle and natural colors are a popular choice for lenses.

Green: Like gray glasses, they can absorb all infrared rays and 99% of ultraviolet rays. The cyan and red in the light can also be blocked, but sometimes the color of the scene will be changed after passing through the green lens. Because green gives people a refreshing and comfortable feeling, it is also good for eye protection.

Yellow: Yellow lenses can absorb 0% ultraviolet rays and most of the blue light. After absorbing blue light, the scene you see will be clearer. Therefore, it is more common to wear yellow lenses as filters when hunting or shooting.

Red: Red lenses of sunglasses have better barriers to light with shorter wavelengths. However, its other protection effects are lower than the other colors.

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