Who Makes Sunglasses

Who Makes Sunglasses

In the previous article, we discussed “Where To Buy Sunglasses Online”. In this article, let’s talk about “Who Makes Sunglasses”.

Sunglasses Production Base-Taizhou, Zhejiang

In recent years, some sunglasses companies in Xiamen, such as Laiqi, Hongtai, Aipu, Transea, Quansheng, Yadong, etc, have devoted themselves to technological innovation. Adding automatic production equipment, improving production lines, improving production efficiency, and reducing labor costs, in order to increase per capita output value. As of 2014, investment in automation equipment and technological reforms has increased substantially in these Xiamen company, twice the amount in 2008. Talking about the next plan, Wu Jinzhong stated that Laiqi will gradually increase its ability to cultivate domestic brands in the future, and contribute to the improvement of the skill level and product quality of the Xiamen glasses industry.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/polarized-sunglasses)

Sunglasses Production Base-Shenzhen

Refer to the development status of the optical industry in Longgang District. Lv Yuyin, the mayor of Longgang District, stated in an interview with a reporter from Shenzhen Business Daily that the optical industry is one of the traditional industries in Longgang District. The optical industry in Longgang District started in the 1980s. After the development of more than 30 years , it has become a “Specialty of Zhejiang Taizhou” with the same name as the “Huaqiangbei Mobile Phone”. Taizhou, Zhejiang has also become the world’s largest production base for famous glasses brands and one of the top five production bases of glasses in the country.

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Sunglasses Production Base-Xiamen, Fujian

Fortunately, during a company visit, I was lucky to have a chance to talk with one of the leaders of the city’s eyewear and sunglasses industry. He mentions that some brands in the market have no product research, design, and production links. However, there are any core skills in Fujian Xiamen which is named as the main production base for sunglasses. In the base, they find some factories to produce sunglasses according to the samples. Fujian Xiamen only completed the assembly of goods as the assembly plant. Some companies in the sunglasses production base devote 60% to 70% of their energy to brand marketing. They try to promote the Xiamen glasses industry from OEM to ODM. Ceating independent brands and strengthening brand marketing are a major action for transformation and promotion. The creation of well-known independent brands such as Baosheng, Paramount, Blue Boiling Point, etc. has improved the level and added value of the products.

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