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What Is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is one of the most common refractive errors. It is an eye condition where the cornea is not shaped perfectly spherical. This irregular changes the way light passes through or is refracted by the retina. In addition, astigmatism conditions are often combined with farsightedness and nearsightedness.

Because light rays from multiple focal points this creates an unclear vision and can affect vision in both the distance and up close. There are five different types of astigmatism.

So, in the following section, we will list 5 types of astigmatism.

5 Types of Astigmatism

Simple Myopic Astigmatism: the first type of astigmatism we want to introduce is Simple Myopic Astigmatism. It occurs when the light comes to two focal points: one is before the retina and the other is on the retina.

Simple Hyperopic Astigmatism: the second type of astigmatism is called Simple Hyperopic Astigmatism, where light comes to two focal points: one on the retina and another focus point that would be a virtual point behind the retina.

Compound Myopic Astigmatism: the third type is called Compound Myopic Astigmatism where light comes to two focal points, both of which are before the retina but at two different locations before the retina.

Compound Hyperopic Astigmatism: the fourth type of astigmatism is called Compound Hyperopic Astigmatism where light comes to focal points both of which would be in a virtual location behind the retina but at different virtual locations behind the retina.

Mixed Astigmatism: the last type of astigmatism is Mixed Astigmatism where light rays come to two focal points, one of which is before the retina and the other of which is behind the retina.

All in all, there are 5 different types of astigmatism.


How to Treat Astigmatism?

From the above, you have learned there are 5 types of astigmatism. But, how can you treat them? In general, wearing eyeglasses can help to you correct astigmatism, but it is a temporary way. If you do not wear eyeglasses, astigmatism exists, too. Therefore, if you need a pair of glasses, Koalaeye glasses are recommended to you. They are cheap and stylish. After purchasing, the glasses will be mailed to you.

At the same time, you can also choose to cure astigmatism permanently. You can cure it through surgery.

In conclusion, this post has listed 5 astigmatism types. If you have any different ideas for types of astigmatism, you can share them in the comment zone. If you have any problems with glasses, don’t hesitate to contact us via the email service@koalaeye.com and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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