Is myopia genetic

Is myopia genetic?

In the previous article, we discussed “What type of sunglasses are in style now?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Is myopia genetic?”.

I believe many people know that wearing glasses is very inconvenient. For example, glasses are easy to break when playing football, the eyes can only be blurred when taking a bath, and it is easy to fog on the glasses in winter. Therefore, preventing myopia must start with children. So, is myopia inherited?

Can myopia really be inherited?

It is possible to inherit myopia. Especially high myopia above 600 degrees, the risk of inheritance is relatively high. Myopia is a polygenic genetic disease, and there is currently no way to accurately predict the probability of inheritance. Usually, if one of the parents or both of them are myopia, the risk of myopia in the offspring is much higher than that of ordinary people. If there are multiple patients with high myopia above 600 degrees in the family, the risk of myopia in the offspring will also be increased significantly.

However, the formation of myopia is not only related to genetic factors but also has a lot to do with bad eye habits. Therefore, patients can develop good eye habits in their daily life. Avoid using eyes at close range for a long time, and strictly control the time spent watching electronic products such as mobile phones, TVs, and computers, so as to avoid and prevent the formation of myopia.(

Eat more foods that are good for your eyes

1. Omega-3

Everyone must have heard of omega-3. This is a type of DHA. Breast milk, walnuts, and fish all have this omega-3, which can help children prevent myopia. It is helpful to protect eyesight to eat deep-sea fish twice a week and a small handful of walnuts every day.

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2. Lutein

Lutein is found in green vegetables and pumpkins. Lutein has a good eye protection effect. When we cook pumpkins for children, we can boil some in clean water and put it in noodles or put green vegetables in the soup. In this way, children will also love to eat.

3. Vitamin C, Vitamin A

Vitamin A is the main nutrient for maintaining healthy eyesight. Vitamins can also help the eyes to resist oxidation, and can also enhance the physical fitness of children. Carrots are very rich in vitamin A. Foods with more vitamin C include oranges, kiwis, and other fruits. We can buy these fruits for children to eat.

Outdoor exercise helps protect eyesight

When we watched TV when we were young, adults would always tell us not to be too close, because we would be nearsighted. In fact, watching TV will not cause our eyes to directly cause myopia, but will only make us visually tired. Don't watch TV for a long time, go out to exercise more, don't stay up late, this can prevent myopia.

We must keep our children 14 hours a week to outdoor exercise so that our risk of developing myopia will be reduced by 20%. Some scientists believe that outdoor light has very good benefits for children’s eye development. When you go out, please wear sunglasses for your children. Ultraviolet rays can damage our eyes, so we have to wear sunglasses to prevent children’s eyes from being irritated.

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