Is clip-on sunglasses any good

Is clip-on sunglasses any good?

In the previous article, we discussed “How do I stop my glasses from hurting the bridge of my nose?“. In this article, let’s talk about “Is clip-on sunglasses any good?”.

It is very convenient for myopic people.

The so-called sunglasses clip is on the basis of wearing sunglasses, removed the lens. It is added in the middle of the two lenses. Sunglasses clip is the polarized sunglasses that designs for myopic crowd especially, which have the function that prevents dazzle light and ultraviolet rays. When going outside, just turn the sunglasses clip down to cover the lenses, playing a sunshade protective role. When you walk into the room, as long as the sun lens is removed, it becomes a pair of myopic glasses. This is a special ready-to-use frame for sunglasses. Just put this clip on the original frame glasses, and then the moment can make the myopia glasses into sunglasses. In this way, people's eyes can be better protected. This is more convenient for myopic friends because he does not need to wear two pairs of glasses, and do not need to replace back and forth.

The quality of the lens can be guaranteed.

The polarized angle and radian of the lens are designed according to the principle of precision optics. The wearer will never have the same distortion and dizziness as the low-quality sunglasses. Each piece of the lens has been strengthened by the original factory, resistant to scratch and not easy to deform and break. It can be used safely for a long time and the performance is unchanged. Sunglasses clip glasses frame production and materials have professional design and supervision, so people can wear them comfortably.

Sunglasses clips have many reliable functions.

Sunglasses clip is polarized sunglasses designed for myopic people. It can effectively prevent dazzle and ultraviolet rays. Especially they are suitable for driving, outdoor, fishing, and other outdoor sports. By using polarized lens technology, the resolution of the image is greatly improved. It can eliminate 99% of the reflected light and scattered light, making your field of vision clearer and smoother. The lens is specially reinforced with film, with an effective degree of wear resistance, scratch resistance, and impact resistance.

Are sunglasses clips better?

There is a kind of lenses, which is the combination of myopic lens and polarized light sunglasses. It and can effectively eliminate strong reflect light and scattered light, making the light becomes downy. So that the human eye can see the scene clearly and naturally. Lenses are often black or dark-colored to protect the eye from sunlight, especially ultraviolet light, so they block all harmful rays without affecting the penetration of visible light. It can really achieve the function of eye protection, with protection in anti-glare, road reflective light, water scale light. They are suitable for driving, fishing, tourism, daily wear. Sunglasses and sunglasses clip both have their own benefits.

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