Are Anti-Fatigue Lenses Right for Everyone?

Are Anti-Fatigue Lenses Right for Everyone?

Regarding this question, the answer is obvious. Not everyone can wear anti-fatigue lenses, people with high myopia and astigmatism should be cautious.

The World Health Organization released the world's first "World Vision Report" on the eve of "World Eye Day" on October 10, showing that more than 2.2 billion people around the world are visually impaired or blind, and more than 800 million people face mobility difficulties because they do not have glasses. . With such a huge market demand for glasses, glasses with various functions have emerged as the times require to satisfy consumers to the greatest extent.

In recent years, due to the needs of work and life, our eyes have been "bound" by various screens and books, which has become more and more overwhelmed. After using electronic products such as mobile phones and computers for a long time, many people will experience discomfort symptoms such as dry eyes, soreness, and blurred vision, that is, "eye fatigue". At this time, the appearance of "anti-fatigue" lenses made many people grasp this life-saving straw. But are "anti-fatigue" lenses really suitable for everyone? Why do some people feel more tired the more they wear their eyes?

At present, a kind of glasses on the market that can relieve visual fatigue is welcomed by consumers. It is a progressive multifocal lens. By reconstructing the micro-fluctuations of eye adjustment, the visual system can restore the balance of adjustment and collection, reducing the load on the wearer's eyes, thereby alleviating Fatigue, resulting in a natural and comfortable visual experience. For example, our normal reading distance is 33 cm, and the eyes need to be adjusted by 300 degrees; wearing 200-degree anti-fatigue glasses, the eyes only need to be adjusted by 100 degrees. In this way, the eye muscles can be rested and the tension of the ciliary muscles is relieved.

It's important to note that anti-fatigue glasses aren't for everyone.

  1. Children

Wearing it by children will weaken the need for adjustment when looking at near places, resulting in enhanced separation function, decreased concentration, and affecting binocular vision.

  1. People with severe aging

Generally, the underlighting of presbyopia exceeds 200 degrees

  1. People with large diopter difference between eyes

There is a large difference in the degree of myopia between the left and right eyes

  1. People with high myopia, astigmatism, or obvious strabismus

Anti-fatigue glasses are more suitable for people aged 20 to 40 with excessive eye concentration or insufficient adjustment, especially middle-aged people. Eye function, ciliary muscle and lens elasticity will decline to varying degrees, and it is difficult to recover through visual training. Fatigue lenses can reduce the adjustment burden on the eyes and improve eye comfort.

Teenagers should use anti-fatigue glasses with caution


Although teenagers are also the "hardest-hit areas" of visual fatigue, trying to solve the problem with a pair of glasses alone is not a cure for the symptoms. How is the correct way?

  1. Before giving children anti-fatigue lenses, conduct a comprehensive visual function examination and evaluation;
  2. If the eyes are found to have insufficient adjustment or insufficient concentration, although wearing anti-fatigue lenses can temporarily relieve the symptoms, it does not fundamentally solve the problem.
  3. If there is excessive concentration or hidden esotropia, the symptoms of visual fatigue or double vision will be more obvious. Wearing anti-fatigue lenses can help the eyes to adjust when looking close, which is beneficial to relieve excessive concentration or Hidden esotropia can be selected, but after the symptoms are relieved, visual function rehabilitation exercises are still required to fundamentally solve the problem.

Warm reminder: When purchasing anti-fatigue lenses, you must go to a regular medical institution for a comprehensive eye examination, understand the diopter and visual function of the eyes, and choose under the guidance of a professional ophthalmologist. If there is a deviation between the glasses and the actual needs of the eyes, no matter how expensive the lenses are, they will not be comfortable. In daily life, you should eat more foods rich in vitamins, such as carrots, animal liver, cod liver oil, etc., or soak water with appropriate amount of wolfberry fruit, privet fruit, cassia seed, chrysanthemum, etc., to protect the health of your eyes.

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