Why do cyclists wear sunglasses

Why do cyclists wear sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “Why do pilots wear aviator sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Why do cyclists wear sunglasses?”.

As it gets warmer and warmer, many people would like to do exercises outdoors. Cycling is also an outdoor sport that many people like. Why do cyclists wear sunglasses? Is it necessary for cyclists to wear sunglasses?

Reduce the wind damage

As we have known, cycling has certain physical requirements. At the same time, we also need some equipment to protect ourselves, such as helmets, gloves, kneelets, etc. Nowadays, you can see people wearing sunglasses when riding a bike because many outdoor cyclists find that it is necessary to wear sunglasses when exercising. Cycling glasses mainly include bicycle changing glasses, bicycle glasses for myopia, mountain bike glasses, and so on. Because the riding speed and wind speed during riding have a great influence on the eyes, leaving the eyes exposed to the wind for a long time will easily cause the eyes to become dry. Finally, they will find that their eyes are dry. And professional sports glasses can block most of the impact of wind on the eyes to reduce eye fatigue.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/sports-sunglasses)

Prevent UV damage

The lenses of cycling sunglasses are generally made of PC plastic with UV400 coating. The PC plastic is very strong so that its broken parts will not break and scratch the eyes in case of a crash. UV400 can prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes. Ordinary sunglasses just prevent the strong light and they can not block UV at all if they are without UV protection coatings. It’s not good for the eyes to be outside for a long time.

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How to choose sports glasses

In the choice of sports glasses, it is recommended that different face shapes have different requirements for the shape of the frame. Generally, you can choose sports glasses by following the complementary principle. The square frame is suitable for a round face while the oval frame is for a square face. In addition, the frame needs to be soft and flexible in order to protect your face safely during exercise. The veneer design of the frame can keep the eyes close to the edge of the frame so that the glasses can prevent strong wind from irritating the eyes when riding fast. The selection of sports glasses should pay attention to the function of the lenses. Because different lenses have different filtering effects on light, you should choose the lenses according to the sports environment.

The particular color of the lens

To choose a suitable pair of cycling glasses, you need to consider many factors. In addition to considering the comfort of wearing, the other most important factor is the color of the lens. The color of the cycling glasses can be divided into several colors. The yellow lens is suitable for use in dimly lit conditions and at night to reduce the light reflection of the lens and achieve a brightening effect. Black lenses are anti-UV and filter out glare and harmful light to the eyes. Colorless lenses are ideal for foggy days or overcast. All in all, red and orange are the best color of lenses, which can make the surrounding terrain extra clear.

Cycling glasses are specially designed for cyclists. Cycling glasses are indispensable equipment for cyclists. In addition to the common functions of ordinary sports glasses, cycling glasses also can prevent ultraviolet rays from the eyes. You should choose cycling glasses according to different needs, different lens colors

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