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Where can I get round sunglasses?

By :Koalaeye 0 comments
Where can I get round sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “Is it normal to get headaches when wearing new glasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Where can I get round sunglasses?”.

In the impression, everyone always thinks that round glasses will give people a very retro, artistic, and cultural look. Which face shape is suitable for this kind of round glasses?

Face shape suitable for round glasses

Rectangle face. This face shape is quite common for Asians. The characteristic is that the chin is relatively wide. When viewed from the front, the chin will be relatively flat. When viewed from the side, the edges and corners are more prominent, and it looks more square. The lines of round glasses can ease the angularity of a square face. You know, if the edges and corners are too sharp, it always feels too close. Use round glasses to decorate it, and it looks a lot more friendly.

Face shape not suitable for round glasses

Heart-shaped faces are not suitable for round glasses. This kind of face is also more common. And the heart-shaped face is characterized by a sharp chin, and the entire chin is in the shape of an inverted triangle. If you still wear a pair of round glasses, your chin will appear sharper and more prominent. Therefore, a heart-shaped face is not suitable for round sunglasses. So what kind of glasses is suitable for a heart-shaped face? Square glasses are the best choice. On visual effect, the square glasses will widen the face shape and weaken the sharp chin a bit.

Round faces are not suitable for round glasses. The round glasses cannot have an effect of qualifying face shape. People with round faces are not suitable to wear round or angled sunglasses. Therefore, you should choose a butterfly-shaped frame that is slightly wider than your own face and the frame is upward to make your face look angular. In particular, avoid round, light, or childish frames. Also, square glasses are more suitable for round faces. Square sunglasses make your face look more linear and more obvious.

The difference in the details of the glasses

The thick frame has a heavier sense of line. Glasses, as an accessory on the face, will be more prominent. And think-frame glasses will be more suitable for a face with three-dimensional facial features. In short, the thick frame is more suitable for people who have a high bridge of the nose and deep eye sockets. With a thin frame, it is easier to integrate with the whole face, and it looks more gentle.

Regarding colors, black, brown, and agate are common. The safer one is black. Refer to the agate color, it looks more retro, has a stronger sense of style. However, this color is pickier for the skin.

You can buy round glasses from many places. And many brand sunglasses have the style of round sunglasses. If you think the price is affordable, you can buy from some brands. Also, you can go to the optical stores. There are many different kinds of sunglasses for you to choose from. You also can try them on in the store. The best sunglass for you is the most suitable sunglasses for you. Therefore, try on glasses to know if they’re suitable for you is the best way.

Thank you for your time in reading our passage “Where can I get round sunglasses?”. For more information about sunglasses, please continue to follow Also, it is welcome to share and forward to Facebook and Twitter.

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