Where and how to buy inexpensive but quality men's sunglasses

Where and how to buy inexpensive but quality men's sunglasses?

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In the previous article, we discussed “What is the current trend in men’s glasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Where and how to buy inexpensive but quality men's sunglasses?”.


Prsr, founded in 1992, belongs to the brand that has very high visibility in men's sunglasses. It has always been adhering to create a distinctive brand of sunglasses. Now there are a wide variety of products under the brands in that field, and many of the products on sales are many brands can not compare with.


The price of this brand is not expensive, and Ray-ban's style is more classic. It is highly recommended. This brand in the sunglasses industry created in the United States has a profound influence, and about the concept of product design, it has been sticking to highlight rugged soldier temperament feeling, so many items, on the whole, give a person the feeling that the wearer is very cool. Now products with excellent quality under the brand sell like hot cakes in the world.


 Bertha was established in 2006, is a very good glasses manufacturers in the market. Since the establishment of the brand, it constantly brings in foreign advanced equipment and technology, paying attention to the choice of raw materials of the products. And it has created by themselves the design style, all of which a lot of products in a very unique point aim to attract the public.

Helen Keller

 The price ranges from 350 to 490. TAC lens is high temperature resistant and scratch-resistant, double-sided nano and anti-oil coating. It has 7 layers of polarized film, with high-resolution polarized lenses. The TR material legs are light and are not easy to deform.

 How to choose?

 There will be an oval label on the lens. If there is the word 'anti-UV' on it, it will prove that they are sunglasses in the real sense. It is best to choose sunglasses with the words 0% anti-UV. The label will have a number from 0 to 4 to indicate the UV blocking index. For summer sunglasses, use at least a product with an index of 3. 

For the shape of the eyeglass frames, choose the slightly larger frames and wider legs to block the light bouncing in from all sides. Wear sunglasses with frames that cover your eyebrows.

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