Sunglasses when driving

Sunglasses When Driving

In the previous article, we discussed “What are the best women's designer sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Sunglasses When Driving”.

If you could guarantee that you are driving alone on the road at night, then you don’t need a pair of sunglasses. BUT how could it be possible? We are not living in an isolated world! So keep in mind to wear a pair of sunglasses when driving. Especially when you drive into a blinding ray of light without sunglasses, you will definitely put yourself in danger.

Can I wear sunglasses while driving?

Definitely, a pair of sunglasses will provide you with a large amount of benefits for protection. Because of the materials and function of its lenses, the sunglasses would be able to filer the glare from different directions and increase the contrast ratio of the color of the scenery where you see. When the higher definition you have, everything in front of you will become more visible. This is very effective way to prevent you from danger. When you are driving in the morning or in the dawn, the sun light will transfer into your car very easily. You will feel dizzy without a sunglasses. Furthermore, combining with the reflection from different directions, including the light from the window glasses of other cars, buildings, deep pitch, the snow in winter and so on. If you drive in the snow for a very long time. It is difficult to imagine how could you safely reach your destination? The lenses of the glasses would be able to reduce the glare and improve the feeling of your eyes.

What is the best color sunglasses for driving?

The dark color would be a better choice than the light color. The gray or the dark brown polarized sunglasses may be quite useful. The dark brown color would a lot of blue light which may be able to improve your vision and definition. There is a lot of other benefits and function could be provided by the dark brown sunglasses. When you are driving in and environment with poor air quality or in a foggy days, the dark brown sunglasses are very suitable. For gray sunglasses, it would be able to absorb arbitrary chromatography. No chromatic aberration would cause when you put it on, although what you see may be a bit dark.(

What sunglasses are good for driving?

As I have said above, the lenses of the sunglasses are critical for protection when driving. So which color should I choose? Considering the safety for driving. The quality of lenses are much more important than the stylish ones. You should choose the polarized sunglasses. Because it has huge blocking ability for the glare. Whenever you have such powerful weapon, your eyes will be able to say goodbye to tiredness. It would also filter the scattering light which the non polarized sunglasses are failed to do so. When you drive in the rain, the polarized sunglasses are very necessary, it could definitely clear your vision. Because when it rains, the windshield are wet. When the front light transfer your car windows, the water drops on your windshield would cause light reflection. At the same time, more dazzle light from different directions will worsen your visibility which will increase the possibility of accident.

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How much should I spend on sunglasses?

The prices are various from one to other. Both expensive and cheap one are available. You must be curious about the differences between the cheap ones and the expensive ones. Both the expensive ones and the cheap ones have the capacity to darken the light outside. However, darken then glare and blocking the glare are very different. Some cheap sunglasses have the capacity to reduce the pain of your eyes caused by the glare, however, they still have not ability to block the UVA. So the quality should be a big concern within the affordable price.

Can bad sunglasses damage your eyes?

Someone must be curious, what will happen if I buy a pair of sunglasses with bad quality? Certainly, the sunglasses with bad quality must be very cheap. Then someone could say that wearing a pair must be better than wearing nothing! The answer is definitely NO! Because when you put on the sunglasses, when the light becomes dark, your pupil would become much larger. However, your sunglasses with bad quality could not effectively block the glare. That means a large number of UVA or UVB would come into your larger pupil, that will cause more damage than wearing nothing! Even worse, the damage to your eyes by the Ultraviolet Ray are impossible to be recovered. The second problem is the materials for the sunglasses with poor quality. Both the sunglasses and other glasses have the design for optical technical indices including the steradian as well as the angularity. The inappropriate design would deform what you see, which would double the negative effect on your eyes.

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