How to choose the driver's glasses reasonably?

How to choose the driver's glasses reasonably?

Lens color

Fashionable young people will have a variety of colors of sunglasses, with the use of clothes. Wearing sunglasses with a lot of beautiful colors when playing has no bad effect. But when driving, they are unfavorable use. The tan and yellow lenses can improve the brightness and are more suitable for foggy and dusty cities such as Chongqing and Beijing. But in Hangzhou, wearing sunglasses of this kind of color is easy to produce glare, not suitable. The driver's glasses are not used to show a cool appearance. The choice of the color of the driver's lens is very important. It is recommended that the general choice of yellow, green, tan, and gray. These colors of the lens can effectively reduce the light intensity, to achieve the effect of protection of the driver. Be sure not to choose blue or purple lenses.

Use driver's glasses whenever possible.

Sunglasses were first produced in the demand of pilots. Since the effects of the glare of the sun at high altitudes are very obvious, sunglasses specifically for the flight were born. Now many car drivers choose this type of sunglasses. Light-gray lenses that absorb light are best suited to drivers because they blend into the spectrum without changing the basic chromatogram and have little effect on color and brightness, followed by dark green lenses.

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The Design of the Driver's Lens

Driving glasses are designed according to the precision optical principle of lens polarizing angle and radian. Only light with the same polarization direction is allowed to pass through, while other strong light sources are filtered because of the polarization direction after reflection, so as to eliminate the interference of external light, avoiding the phenomenon of eye-catching, dazzling, dazzling, and so on, and making the line of sight clearer and softer.

Frame Materials

The frame of the driver's glasses should choose aluminum-magnesium alloy, pure titanium, and other materials. The glasses made of these materials are light but strong.It will not be uncomfortable because of wearing glasses for a long time.

Short-sighted people must choose the right sunglasses when driving.

There are many taboos to wear sunglasses when driving. If you want to wear sunglasses when driving, you must choose sunglasses that are more suitable for your eyes. If you are slight myopia, or you are the driver do not need to wear glasses usually driving, you should choose sunglasses with a degree of nearsightedness. Because ordinary sunglasses may cause eye fatigue, vision decline, a threat to the safety of driving.

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