How to choose polarized sunglasses for women?

How to choose polarized sunglasses for women?

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There are many harmful rays in our life, and polarized sunglasses can play a certain protective role. Because polarized sunglasses have the function of polarized light, all the harmful rays can be blocked without affecting the visible light transmission, which can really protect the eyes.

Wear female polarized sunglasses and choose the right color.

The greatest benefit of a gray lens is that the original color of the scene will not be changed by the lens, and the greatest satisfaction is that it can be very effective in reducing the intensity of light. Pink lenses absorb 95 percent of ultraviolet light, as well as some shorter wavelengths of visible light. Green lenses are effective at absorbing infrared light and 99 percent of ultraviolet light. But green lenses can distort the color of some objects. Yellow lenses absorb 100 percent of ultraviolet light and allow infrared and 83 percent of visible light to pass through. The most important feature of yellow lenses is that they absorb most of the blue light.

Sale priceFrom
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VEGOOS sunglasses

Having extremely high sales volume and public praise on the market, the overall design of the sunglasses that shows originality is to grab an eye quite really, And the best polarizing lenses are perfect for your glasses' health.Amazing craft lets the whole sunglasses slightly make public but do not break individual character again.

BOLON glasses

BOLON glasses are both aesthetic and comfortable, showing exquisite and rigorous technological design, which is the interpretation of modern fashion and elegant aesthetic. BOLON's women sunglasses combine contemporary art design with craftsmanship to make a good visual match.

LOHO LHK000 polarized sunglasses

Blend retro and modern elements, the LOHO LHK000 polarized sunglasses highlight another feminine. The cat-eye design of the frame, make the sunglasses style becomes mysterious and does not break elegance. The temple is made of imported metal and has good gloss. The high-quality non-slip silicone nose pad is made of corrosion-resistant silica gel material to relieve the pressure on the bridge of the nose and make the wearer feel no pressure.

MIUMIU SMU52S sunglasses

MIU MIU is a subsidiary brand of The Italian luxury brand Prada, which is another expression of the same design concept of Prada. The butterfly-shaped front frame features large, irregularly flat lenses and a distinctive curved, light-colored gold-plated metal trim.

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