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How many pairs of sunglasses do you go through in a year?

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How many pairs of sunglasses do you go through in a year?

In the previous article, we discussed “Can you wear sunglasses when playing golf?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How many pairs of sunglasses do you go through in a year?”.

Refer to sunglasses, many people have no opinion on its application deadline. Some people have used a pair of sunglasses for several years, while some people have a lot of sunglasses. How many pairs of sunglasses do they wear on average that year?

Sunglasses also have an application deadline

Many people feel that sunglasses are not food and medicine, and there is no lifespan. In fact, compared to other items, sunglasses are more of a consumable item. First of all, sunglasses get along with us every day. After sunglasses are used for a long time, the frame is easy to be loose or deformed. It is not comfortable to wear sunglasses with the deformed frame. Second, the lenses are prone to be yellowing, scratched and cracked.

How long should the sunglasses be replaced?

It is recommended that adults going to the optometrist at least once a year. You can know your own eye health and vision, and check the wear and tear of you sunglasses. Also, replace sunglasses according to the daily eye use and habits.

How to prolong the lifespan of sunglasses?

1. Pick up and wear sunglasses with both hands, and place the lens on the table with the convex surface upward.

2. Frequently check whether the screws on the sunglasses frame are loose or the frame is deformed. If there is a problem, fix it in time.

3. Don’t clean the lenses with a dry sunglasses cloth. It is recommended to use a special lotion or a neutral lotion to clean sunglasses.

Changing sunglasses following the trend

Fashion is a wonderful thing. keeping up with it will make you beautiful and confident. Sunglasses also keep up with fashion. You can change your sunglasses frequently according to your aesthetics.

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Thank you for your time in reading our passage “How many pairs of sunglasses do you go through in a year?”. For more information about sunglasses, please continue to follow Also, it is welcome to share and forward to Facebook and Twitter.

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