How do you promote sunglasses

How do you market sunglasses online?

In the previous article, we discussed “Why do glasses with the same prescription feel different?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How do you market sunglasses online?”.

Now a lot of sunglasses in the market are done beautiful, high-quality, but many sunglasses are not well known because of the problem of product homogenization. And a lot of sunglasses company's product sales are not high, or no market, then need to build momentum for products on the Internet, that is, to do product promotion.

Identify the target customer

First, you have to find the target customer. Companies can choose their target customers based on the function of sunglasses. The main function of these sunglasses is used to block the sun, but the image design may not be so beautiful. And then the target customers of these sunglasses can be placed on people who pay more attention to the anti-UV function of the sunglasses, such as people working outdoors for a long time. Or, the sunglasses are beautiful and stylish, but the sunshade is a little weak. Therefore, the target group can be positioned on some image-conscious people, such as those who like to travel and take pictures. These stylish sunglasses can help them take good-looking photos.(

Find out the benefits of the product

The second is to find out the advantages of the product for publicity. The root cause of fierce competition in the market is that the product homogenization is serious, the production technology is the same, and the materials used are the same. So, how to attract customers to buy their own products? Find out the difference from many of the same places, that is, enlarge differentiation. Enterprises can be through their own products and peer differences to enlarge the comparison. For example, the sun protection index of their own products is higher than others, and after-sales service is better, which can be used as selling points to promote, so as to attract customers.

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The right promotion channel

After confirm the Target population and selling points, choosing the proper promotion channels is the next step. Different groups of Internet platform is not the same. The company can be based on the main target group of the mainstream platforms to adjust the promotion of the strength of the online platforms. There are many promotion platforms now, such as Google, Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube, and so on. By publishing accurate content marketing, you can get a more accurate customer base.


Use Google's search engine to do overseas online marketing for your products. Google is a global search engine, and it has a high market share all over the world. Google's popularity is at the top of the world's Internet. Thus, use Google to do overseas promotion for a large customer base to sell their products, and its prospects are immeasurable.


There is no denying that Facebook offers advertisers one of the largest user bases. As of July 2020, Facebook has more than 2.6 billion users worldwide, according to Statista. That's more than any other social media platform, perhaps second only to Google's search users. Facebook leads the social media platform in the range of ad options available to it through a variety of ad formats. For each target marketing channel stage, there are several options available, the most common of which are image and video ads. It's worth noting that almost all ad formats contain text and visual elements that give you an important opportunity to describe and present your business.


Sellers can set up their own YouTube channels and make videos of popular products so that they can share video links when buyers want to see the details of their products. On the other hand, if the video is placed on YouTube, someone will find our video through certain keywords or YouTube-related video recommendations so that traffic on YouTube can be directed to their store. They can also embed the video into the product description and buyers can know more about our products.

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