How do I select sports sunglasses?

How do I select sports sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “What type of sunglasses are suitable for driving?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How do I select sports sunglasses?”.

Sports glasses refer to safety protective glasses worn during sports. Usually, advanced equipment has the functions of safety, protection, comfort, and beauty. As the types of outdoor sports are rich and diverse, including extreme cycling, outdoor mountaineering, jogging, skiing, golf, camping, etc., for different sports, sports glasses have different functional requirements. Choose the correct sports eye according to your needs.

Different Functions Of Sports Glasses

According to different functions, it can be divided into goggles, myopia sports glasses, and polarized sports glasses. Goggles are suitable for long-term sports in the outside world, especially for sports enthusiasts in areas with strong wind and sand. In order to meet the needs of myopia sports enthusiasts, myopia sports glasses were born. The function of myopia sports glasses not only includes the performance of general myopia glasses but also uses PC material to resist the impact surface so that myopic friends can also enjoy the fun of sports. If you are long-term exposed to the sun, you need to buy polarized sports glasses. For mountain climbers, snow on the mountains can easily damage the eyes. In terms of ultraviolet rays, the reflected light of snow at a height of ,000 feet is more than 50% above the sea, and the retina of the naked eye is easily damaged, which causes great pain and is called snow blindness. Sunglasses can reduce this damage. Also, don't be fooled by cloudy weather, because ultraviolet rays will penetrate the clouds and the dazzling light will cause headaches. And the sports glasses will have a 95-0% filtering effect. Sports glasses for glacier travel need to have a penetration rate of 5-%, while multi-purpose sports glasses must have a penetration rate of 20%.(

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Lens Color Of Sports Glasses

Look in the mirror when you buy. If you can see your eyes easily, your eyes are too bright. If you want to see real colors, the best lens color is gray or green. If you want to see carefully when it is cloudy or foggy, it is best to choose yellow lenses. For infrared rays, unless you look directly at the sun, you will be directly damaged, but general sports glasses can prevent infrared rays from penetrating and protect your eyes. Sports glasses must have side protection devices to reduce the sun's penetration of the eyes, but they must have good ventilation to prevent lens fogging, or use anti-fog lenses or anti-fog cleaners. Most rock climbers prefer to use contact lenses because the glasses will slide on the bridge of the nose, which can improve visual acuity and will not appear in water spots, but there are still shortcomings. For example, too much sun, wind, sand, and dirt can cause eye inflammation, and at the same time, it is not easy to clean and maintain in the suburbs.

Frame Shape Of Sports Glasses

In the choice of the shape of sports glasses, everyone has their own preferences. Different face shapes have different requirements for different shapes of frames. For a square face, wide aviator glasses can modify the prominent jawline. The round face is more suitable for glasses with a slightly thicker frame, cold lens color, and darker color, which has the visual effect of shrinking the face. For a long face, you should choose oblate or curved lenses, with a slender ratio, which gives people a visually coordinated feeling. Cat glasses frame is the best choice. A heart-shaped face is suitable for sunglasses of various shapes. Small faces are suitable for wearing thin-framed or rimless glasses. Choosing elegant lenses will have unexpected effects. The frame selection requires softness, flexibility, impact resistance, and safety protection of the face from damage during exercise. The veneer design of the frame can keep the eyes close to the edge of the frame to prevent the eye irritation caused by strong wind during rapid movement.

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