Does wearing sunglasses inside make someone look menacing

Is it weird to wear sunglasses inside?

In the previous article, we discussed “What are the most trendy sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Is it weird to wear sunglasses inside?”.

In recent years, sunglasses for young and fashionable boys and girls are simply must-have accessories at home. Also, the importance of sunglasses is that they can protect our eyes from the effects of ultraviolet rays. So people don’t want to take off their sunglasses easily. Is it weird to wear sunglasses inside? Should you wear sunglasses indoors?

Do not wear sunglasses indoors.

Wearing sunglasses can indeed reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes. But if you wear them improperly, they can also harm your eyes and damage your eyesight. It is understood that some people wear sunglasses regardless of time and occasion. Even some people wear sunglasses when watching movies or TV. Doing so will increase the burden on the eyes, cause tension in the eye muscles, blurred vision, and dizziness, and inability to see for a long time in severe cases. Experts reminded us that wearing sunglasses should not be too long. Wearing sunglasses with thick frames, wide edges, and heavyweights often compresses the inferior orbital branch. As the time of wearing the glasses is prolonged, local skin numbness, dullness, and asthenopia and other symptoms will appear around the eyes.

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Sunglasses make you look more threatening.

Most of the time our first judgment of people comes from their eyes. Cover your eyes, and you will immediately become a mysterious existence. Brown explained that 'For humans, the eye contains a lot of information, but also is a weakness.'. Eye contact with others can help us judge whether a person is smart, trustworthy, and sincere. But if a person wears sunglasses, we will have reservations about all judgments of that person. And this effect is two-way because people who wear sunglasses will find it even more incredible. A recent study showed that people who wear sunglasses are more selfish and dishonest than people who do not wear glasses. Researchers believe that shadows leave us in a sense of uncharacteristic and unknown falsehood.

The hazards of wearing sunglasses indoors.

Colored sunglasses will make people's eyes in relatively dim light, people's pupils will subconsciously dilate. This is why many people feel that they look at things wearing sunglasses not as clearly as they do when they don’t wear sunglasses. But in order to see more clearly, they tend to look at objects hard. Over time, eye fatigue will increase. In this state for a long time, even if the original vision is better, it will degenerate in the future. This degradation process is relatively slow and difficult to be noticed in the short term, so it is easier for people to treat this deterioration of vision lightly.

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