Do rimless glasses make you look older

Do rimless glasses make you look older?

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In the previous article, we discussed “How do I choose sports sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Do rimless glasses make you look older?”.

Why do people choose rimless glasses?

Rimless glasses are a kind of glasses without borders in their frames. They are a very stylish type of glasses. A large number of people like this type of border. The advantages are that rimless glasses have no frame, and use memory titanium alloy material, so the weight is light, which can greatly relieve the pressure on the bridge of the nose and eyes, more comfortable to wear. And because there are no frames, the wearer has a wider field of view. Rimless glasses styles are more diverse, and stylish, rich in color difference, so the glasses family like them.

Who are suitable for rimless sunglasses?

It is suitable for children or adolescents in the stage of orthodontic treatment. Rimless glasses are made of elastic memory titanium alloy rimless frames, and aviation titanium metal is used as raw material. And the biological affinity is high, which is suitable for people with sensitive skin. Rimless glasses are more suitable for myopia people with low degrees because the degrees of myopia are low, the lens will be relatively thin. Rimless glasses are suitable for most face shapes like round face, heart-shaped face, and square face. Compared to glasses, rimless glasses don't cover as much of the face and can show the wearer's own style and temperament.

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Which is better: Half-framed sunglasses or rimless sunglasses?

For users in high demand, all glasses can be used with some better effects and more beautiful frames. In addition, for the modeling material, they are rich and changeable, that is to say, the style is more than other frames, space you can choose will increase a lot. Most of the half-frame glasses are simple in shape, stable and generous. Using pure titanium or titanium gold, they are lightweight, comfortable to wear. The semi-rectangular and oval frames are more common. As a kind of glass frame with the widest application scope, many elites in the work environment like the simple shape of the frames. Since rimless glasses are pressed on the lens technology, lightweight, wearing them is known for its high transparency. But the requirements for lens hardness have their limits, of course.

What glasses make you look older?

As the growth of the age commonly, eyesight gradually declines, and the problem of the eye increases gradually, they have to wear presbyopic glasses then. If you don't age, your eyes are nimble. There is nothing wrong with your eyes except short-sightedness. When you put on an old pair of fancy glasses, it usually shows that you are old. And Horn-frame glasses usually have thick frames and have no nasal pads, they show you are old.

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