Can wearing sunglasses harm your nose

Why do my sunglasses hurt my nose?

In the previous article, we discussed “Do big sunglasses make women more attractive?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Why do my sunglasses hurt my nose?”.

Why are my sunglasses leaving marks on my nose?

If we wear sunglasses for a long time, and the sunglasses are too heavy, the position of the nose pad will compress the bridge of the nose, which will lead to two deep holes around the nose and eyes. There are two deep red marks on each side of the bridge of the nose, which of course will be relieved during sleep.(

Why do my sunglasses hurt my nose?

Sunglasses on the face have three support places: the nose and two ears. The weight of a pair of glasses is balanced in these three places. Today's sunglasses usually don't weigh much unless they're made of advanced materials such as gold, white gold, or gemstones. But no matter what materials, there will be no collapse of the nose. The bridge of the nose is part of the craniofacial bone, and our craniofacial bone stops developing by the age of 20 or so, which means it will not change. Wearing glasses for years won't affect it. Even if you're not 20 years old, today's eyeglass frames aren't heavy enough to affect the development of the bridge of your nose.

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Choose the right sunglasses for you.

The bridge of the nose of Chinese people is usually short, so it is widely recommended to buy the S-shaped nose pad with a large adjustable space, rather than the U-shaped nose pad with a small adjustable space. In addition to this type of adjustable nose pad, if you must choose a fixed nose pad, it is recommended to buy a 9mm or 12mm height nose pad specifically designed for Asians. Finally, choose the right lens.

How can I make my sunglasses fit better?

Place two small sponges on the nose pad where the glasses touch the bridge of the nose. No matter how long you wear them, they won't indent. The main reason why there will be indentation on the bridge of the nose of our daily glasses is that the glasses are too heavy, so we can replace them with lighter glasses. For example, you can use boards, alloys; Use a silicone nasal pad or an airbag nasal pad. The softer and more fitting silicone nasal pad is preferred. You can also buy an airbag nasal pad by yourself. Every moment you can take off the glasses, and gently push the bridge of his nose, and avoid falling glasses or glasses hold for a long time at local oppression. Often massage the places around eyes, because eyes massage can promote blood circulation, helping reduce the mark. You can choose the massage method of eye exercises for reference.

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