Can men wear tortoise-shell sunglasses

Can men wear tortoise-shell sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed "Why do women love aviator sunglasses?". In this article, let’s talk about “Can men wear tortoise-shell sunglasses?”.

A huge retro and fashionable revival is taking place, you must not miss it. We at KoalaEye are talking about these timeless tortoiseshell sunglasses! With classic mottled yellow, honey, brown, and black appearance, these beautiful frames are rejuvenated. Let's learn how to get the best tortoise fashion to add a super cool touch to your eyewear wardrobe. We can see many women love wearing tortoiseshell sunglasses for a fashion style. Can men wear tortoiseshell sunglasses? 

What is tortoise-shell sunglasses?

Tortoise-shell sunglasses is based on a shell called Tortoise-shell. Tortoise-shell sunglasses, that is, are made of tortoiseshell frame, combining with the selected lens, and a new type of glasses is produced. It is generally developed by hand, and its color not only meets the aesthetic needs but also makes us feel the comfort when wearing it.(

Benefits of Tortoise-shell Sunglasses

Tortoise-shell frames are rich in color, including black, brown, light golden yellow, and other colors. Their unique tortoise-shell scales are crystal clear in texture, clear and beautiful in pattern, soft and bright in color, diverse in variety, without losing the atmosphere, delicate and elegant. Tortoise-shell’s physical structure is very close to fingernails and hair, so it will not slide off easily even if sweating, nor will it produce symptoms of allergies. The texture of the tortoiseshell is tough, even the frame is curved to 45 degrees, it will not be broken. Perennial use can be achieved without any deformation. In addition, the stability of tortoise-shell is good, and the grain with time will not produce the phenomenon of fading.

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Can men wear tortoise-shell sunglasses?

There are no restrictions for the tortoise-shell frame in age and gender, color, and style. Women and men can both wear tortoise-shell sunglasses. Tortoise-shell frame once again rose to the public's love, and it has become a modern fashion, with the pursuit of personality trend. Apart from fashion, connotation, delicate, the most important thing is to be in accord with the identity, suitable for their temperament, such collocation out just make good-looking. At present, the tortoiseshell has been very rare, because the tortoise is a national second class protected animal, so it is naturally very precious. Because of the precious raw materials, Japan has been able to piece together glasses with tortoiseshell plate glasses through the chip combination method, but the process requires very delicate and takes a long time, so the price can be higher. Domestic tortoise-shell shell products are replaced by other materials. In addition to internal thinking about money, there is protection for nature and basic respect for nature. The modern metal frame is more popular in using titanium metal frame, pure titanium, β titanium, and so on.

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