Are progressive lenses good for sunglasses

Are progressive lenses good for sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “Can you wear polarized sunglasses at night?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Are progressive lenses good for sunglasses?”.

What are progressive lenses?

The progressive lens is based on the bifocal lens. The utilization rate in Europe and the United States is relatively high, and the time of domestic testing and matching in China is also nearly years ago. A progressive lens is a gradual transition between the two focal lengths in the transition of the upper and lower of the two focal lengths, which is called progressive. It can be said that the progressive lens is a multi-focal length lens. Progressive lenses don't have the strain of having to constantly adjust the focus of the eye when using a bifocal length lens, nor do they have the sharp dividing line between the two focal lengths.(

Who needs progressive lenses?

The age of the people who need progressive lenses is over 45 years old, having the requirements of distance use, near use, and middle distance use in work and life. Such as teachers, doctors, leading cadres, and so on. These people are not satisfied with traditional bifocals. Adolescents with normal far vision can use this kind of lens to prevent myopia. Every year myopia increases faster, by using these lenses, myopic patients can delay and control myopia development. To ensure the vision of each distance, the required vertical size is less. For example, the juvenile progressive film belongs to this kind of design, but due to its short gradient channel, the gradient process is too fast. Compared with the elderly, this kind of design is difficult to adapt to. The gradual gradient channel of soft design is relatively long and the peripheral aberration is relatively large. However, due to its long gradient channel and gentle gradient process, it is easy for wearers to adapt to it. It is suitable for people with poor adaptability to wear.

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Are progressive lenses good for sunglasses?

A progressive lens is a color-changing lens and will change according to the strength of the light. The stronger the light, the darker the lens color will be. Progressive lens means the gradual change lens, which means the color of the lens changes from dark to light. It looks more fashionable and beautiful. However, the effect of polarized light will be affected after the polarized lens is made into gradient color. Progressive sunglasses have tinted lenses. After dyeing the surface, a professional optical lens factory brand will add a hard layer, relatively speaking, the color fastness is higher, and the possibility of fading is lower.

What are the advantages of progressive sunglasses?

Branded sunglasses usually have high color stability that doesn't change color. Or they can lighten the lens no matter how long the lens is exposed to the sun. It is lighter, wear-resistant, and heat-resistant than ordinary fiber plates, and has a gradual change of color, which means it is fashionable. It can be worn indoors and will not affect the UV protection of the vision. It will block harmful UV rays and enhance eye protection to prevent eye injury caused by the reflection of sunlight and snow. It can filter infrared rays, keeping eyes cool and comfortable. It can filter blue rays, enhancing color contrast and getting a clear vision. They are available in a variety of styles and colors to satisfy most people's needs.

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