Are acetate sunglasses frames compatible with prescription lenses

Can you put prescription lenses in acetate sunglasses frames?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Can I buy prescription sunglasses online?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Can you put prescription lenses in acetate sunglasses frames?”.

What are acetate sunglasses?

Cellulose acetate is a thermoplastic resin obtained by esterification of acetic acid or acetic anhydride under the action of a catalyst. CA is resistant to water, gasoline, mineral oil and lipids, weakly alkaline solutions, and acids. It has good weather resistance. It is not resistant to ethanol, strong acids, and strong alkali solutions. Acetate was one of the first synthetic fibers that were first made. The higher the quality of acetate fiber, the better the glossiness and transparency. Acetates consist of (biological) polymers derived from wood (tree) pulp and/or natural cotton fibers.

What are the benefits of Acetate Frames?

The sunglasses with acetate fiber plate milling processing become plate frames. Plate frame is not easy to burn, in small proportion, with hardness. In addition, it has good gloss, durable, but is not easy to bake processing. Acetate fiber particles that used injection molding machine extrusion molding are known as the injection molding frame. Its characteristic is to save raw materials and can be produced in large quantities. The cost is lower, the price is cheaper than the plate frame. Environmentally friendly, it is made of renewable materials, hypoallergenic, available in a variety of colors. Today's premium acetate fiber frames are known for their light, thin construction and strength.(

Prescription Sunglasses

When exercising, it is often necessary to use prescription sunglasses because of myopia. For myopic people, it is necessary to solve the problem of poor vision during exercise. For example, wear sunglasses for cycling. People must wear a prescription-qualified pair of basketball glasses or goggles to play basketball, to protect the eyes from elbow and ball damage, maintaining durability and comfort, and maintaining a perfect court view through tennis sunglasses. And prescription safety silver sunglasses are protective glasses with offending lenses.

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Acetate Sunglasses

As one of the daily necessities, the acetate sunglasses frame will not bring a heavy burden to the bridge of the nose. They are made by cutting, molding, and polishing multiple pieces of material, which makes them as strong as metal and ideal for eyewear frames. It can prove that it is the definition of fashion and chic eyewear.

Acetate Sunglasses Frames and Prescription Lenses

Acetate sunglasses frame and prescription lenses are not in conflict, but the selection of optical lenses should pay attention to the frame of sunglasses. People with high myopia can not choose frameless sunglasses, large frames (similar to the frame of sunglasses). The big Sunglasses will shift the optical center of the lens, so there is a big deviation from pupil distance, producing a phenomenon of not clear content. The overall frame of the sunglasses also has a large curved arc, which will change the actual luminosity of the lens, easily causing visual fatigue and deepening the degree of myopia.

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