What are some affordable sunglasses brands for running or biking

The Best Sunglasses For Cycling

In the previous article, we discussed “What tint colors are most useful for cycling sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “The Best Sunglasses For Cycling”.

For the choice of sports glasses, the top professional teams have their own glasses brand or sponsor brand, which is difficult for ordinary users to access. There are some common brands that can really walk into ordinary consumers, such as Oakley, Rudy Project, Smith Optics, OYEA, Adidas, Carrera, Zentorack, ACACIA, FOX, Decathlon, and so on. In addition to going to the Decathlon supermarket to buy a pair of riding glasses to be cool when running occasionally, most of the top choices are Oakley.

Oakley JAWBREAKER Series Cycling Glasses

For those who like to ride, choose the JAWBREAKER series. There are many categories in this series, the most famous is the JAWBREAKER PRIZM model. Oakley's JAWBREAKER PRIZM cycling sports glasses belong to the limited edition of the famous British cyclist Mark Cavendish, which is specially designed for fast riding to ensure the ultimate visual experience during the competition. The unique design of the upper edge of the lens expands the field of view by nearly 44% compared to ordinary sunglasses. The Prizm technology on the lens enhances color recognition from a color perspective, accurate visual color fidelity, and ensures a keen sense of the difference in the field of view during the journey. The existence of color objects in order to make judgments. In addition, the length of the temples can be changed in many ways, which is convenient to adjust to the appropriate angle with the helmet. Switchlock technology is adopted for the temples and the frame so that the lenses can be easily replaced.(https://www.koalaeye.com/blogs/our-stories)

Sports Sunglasses For Men  | KOALAEYESports Sunglasses For Men  | KOALAEYE
Prezzo di vendita$39.00 USD
Rectangle Sunglasses  For Men | KOALAEYERectangle Sunglasses  For Men | KOALAEYE
Prezzo di vendita$39.00 USD

Oakley EVZero Path Series Cycling Glasses

For running, this one is worth recommending, although the official positioning of cycling glasses is still for riding. The EVZero series of sports glasses, the main color matching uses the nebula temples full of the mystery of the universe and the colorful red coated lenses, which advocates the attitude of 'advocating speed' from the design. Relying on powerful high-tech lens-making technology, Oakley brings the lightest 'rimless' sports glasses in history to sports enthusiasts, which not only optimizes the performance of the glasses itself but also once again maxed out the appearance of professional sports glasses. At the same time, it adopts a frameless design, which claims to reduce the weight by 15%.

KoalaEye Sports Sunglasses

KoalaEye is an emerging eyewear brand. KoalaEye is a high-end eyewear brand integrating design, production, sales, and service. Its sports glasses are designed with 'comfortable wearing, stylish look, and reasonable pricing' as the product concept. The use of the latest safety PC lenses, combined with high-tech advanced technology, emphasizes the prominent changes in colors and materials and is deeply loved and favored by outdoor sports enthusiasts.

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