What face shape do round glasses suit

What face shape do round glasses suit?

In the previous article, we discussed “Are metal or plastic glasses better?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What face shape do round glasses suit?”.

Round-frame glasses are a style that many young people like now. Round-frame glasses give people a more special feeling, and they are more personal when worn. Then, what face shape is better for round-frame glasses? Do you know how to choose glasses frames according to face shapes?

What face shape suits round glasses

Round-frame glasses are more suitable for people with long faces because of their round design. However, if it is a small round-frame glasses, it is more suitable for oval faces and heart-shaped faces. However, large round-frame glasses are not suitable for people with short faces. The area of the frame is relatively large, and people with short faces will appear shorter. People with round faces are also advised to avoid this style, otherwise, their round faces look much rounder, protruding facial defects. But if you really want to try round frame glasses, maybe you can start with these slightly larger round frame sunglasses. As long as your face is not really that round, you can try it.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/eyeglasses)

Round-frame glasses are thick or thin

Generally speaking, the facial features of Asians are not as three-dimensional as those of Europeans and Americans, so I recommend Asians to choose round glasses with thin frames. The thick frame has a heavier sense of line. This accessory of glasses will be more prominent on the face and will be more suitable for a face with three-dimensional facial features. To put it bluntly, it means that the bridge of the nose is high and the eye sockets are deep. With a thin border, the line feel will be weaker, it is easier to integrate with the whole face, and it looks more gentle.

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What style of round glasses suit

Since round-frame glasses will give people a feeling of retro literature and art, don’t make the overall style swanking when wearing round-frame glasses. Round-frame glasses are not only a literary style, but also a humorous embellishment. If your outfit today is a bit dull, or when you need a little humor, then round-frame glasses are a good choice for you. Although round-frame glasses have been very popular in the past two years, don’t blindly start with a pair of round-frame glasses, and wear round-frame glasses for all styles or for all occasions. You need to know whether you wear them properly or not depends on the specific occasion.

How to choose the shape of the glasses frame

If you are a girl with an oval face, there are many styles of glasses you can try. Oval face shapes are relatively perfect face shapes, and suitable for glasses of round, square, and cat-eye shapes.

For a round face, it is recommended to wear larger glasses to make the face look smaller. Girls with larger faces, don't choose round-frame glasses. Round-frame glasses not only will not modify your face but also will make your face look wider. At this time, you should choose rectangular glasses to be more suitable for girls with big faces.

For a rectangular face shape, it is more suitable for round or large-rim glasses. This style of glasses softens the tough lines of the face very well. Some girls think that the rectangular frame is relatively dull, and they can also choose a round half frame to modify the face shape without losing its trendy sense.

Many girls have heart-shaped faces, with delicate chins but wider foreheads. A round toad mirror with a large frame is also not suitable. It will be very weird, affecting your overall aura.

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