What are the characteristics of good polarized sunglasses?

What are the characteristics of good polarized sunglasses?

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Good sunglasses are great for blocking UV rays and glare, but the shade of the color of the sunglasses lens doesn't do much for UV protection. The UV absorption rate of sunglasses is regulated in many countries. When buying sunglasses, people are not only looking for beauty, but also hoping to reduce the damage to their eyes from bright light, harmful UV light, and glare.

Glare prevention

Glare Light reflected from water or a smooth surface is 10 to 12 times stronger than the light needed for visual objects. When driving or participating in sports activities, glare can cause eye pain and can be a dangerous distraction. Good polarized sunglasses can block glare. Please stand in front of the mirror with your sunglasses on. If you can see your own eyes, the sunglasses are not good enough to resist glare.

Filter harmful Light.

The glasses can filter 99% of the dazzling reflection light, 99% of the harmful ultraviolet light, not fragile. In order to filter the glare of the sun on water, land, or snow in equal directions, the lens is added to the vertical special paint, called the polarized lens.

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Polarized sunglasses are of excellent material.

Polarized sunglasses can be divided into glass polarized sunglasses, resin polarized sunglasses, TAC lens polarized sunglasses. Polarized lenses can completely block glare caused by various factors such as scattering, bending, and reflection due to their polarized properties. At the same time it can also completely block ultraviolet light that is harmful to the human eyes, so that people in long-term activities under the strong light, the eye is not easy to tire, to achieve the function of real protection, and can make things look a lot clearer and three-dimensional.

Good visual effect

Sunglasses should be suitable for you to see clearly and comfortably, and should not be clamped on the head. But if the sunglasses are loose, it will affect the visual comfort. Mask-shaped or rimmed sunglasses block UV lights from the sides, top, and bottom of normal frames, but they can also increase optical distortion.

Wear comfortable

Try them on when you buy polarized sunglasses, preferably in natural light. The visual comfort of the lens and the comfort of the lens frame is very important. When you wear, you should not have dizziness, eye distension feeling.

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