What are the ways to reduce the effects of myopia naturally

How To Reduce Myopia Naturally

In the previous article, we discussed “Where can I buy kids’ sunglasses online?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How To Reduce Myopia Naturally”.


Stare at the distance.

Every day you need to see the distance once every two hours or so, especially to see the green plants in the distance. It can let the eyes relax, and the muscles in the eyes can become relaxed, to relieve the fatigue of the eyes, conducive to the natural recovery of myopia. The short wavelength of the green meters away, forming images in front of the retina, indicates the eyes to adjust and relax, and ciliary muscle relaxation, relieving eye fatigue. Do not squint. Do not blink. Ignore distractions. Focus and gaze for 25 seconds. Identify the outline of grass or leaf. Repeat 20 times for minutes, 3 times a day, and increase the number of training for poor eyesight. Don't play games for a long time. Don't read books for a long time. Don't lie down watching TV or playing with your phone.


Eye Rotation Method

Choose a quiet place, or sit or stand. Let your body relax, eliminating distractions. Open the eyes. Stare straight, then slowly to the left, then to the top of the gaze, then to the right, and then back to the gaze, making nine clockwise turns. Below the eyes by staring, turn right, to the top of the gaze, and then turn left, then back to the gaze again, making 6 counterclockwise turns. Do this four times. The eyes should be limited with each movement. This will exercise your eye muscles in an instant, improve nutrition, and make your eyes flexible and glitter.

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Eye Massage

When we feel dry eyes in the study, and when we feel very tired at work, let us relax the body. Gently close your eyes, and then rub your hands quickly. After the slight fever in the palm, quickly cover the closed eyes with the palm of the hand. It can be repeated about 5 times and can promote the circulation of the blood. The improvement of myopia is of great help.


Test your eyes regularly.

Visual examination is a good way to assess the developmental situation of the eyeball, to have earlier, more opportunities for treatment. Early intervention can be made in order to achieve the best visual recovery. Because the development of the eye is a process from farsightedness to myopia. Therefore, it is necessary to make records of refractive development, closely tracking visual development, and achieve early detection and early control. If myopia is found to increase by more than 0 degrees, change the lenses in time.


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