What are plano sunglasses

What are plano sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “Are Progressive Lenses Good for Your Eyes?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What are plano sunglasses?”.

What are plano sunglasses?

Plano sunglasses are sunglasses that have no diopter. They have no degree of myopic nor farsightedness and have no degree of astigmatism. They have the function of preventing the sand and cosmetology, etc. They can still prevent the influence of ultraviolet or infrared rays on the eyes. Concerning lens material, there are white lens, color-changing lenses, coating lenses, crystal lens and so on. The quality of the lens is divided into three grades: high, medium, and low. The higher the quality, the more transparent it is and the more eye protection it has.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/polarized-sunglasses)

Difference Between Polarized Sunglasses and Common Plano Sunglasses

There are linear, elliptical, and circular polarized light. The vibration of the light wave along a specific direction keeps unchanged, and the propagation path in space is a sinusoidal curve. The projection on the plane of the vertical propagation direction is a straight line. The special effect of the polarized lens is to effectively eliminate and filter the scattered light of the beam. The light can be in the right direction of the transparent axis and enter into the eye visual image so that the field of vision is clear and natural. The plano lens does not have this function. We can almost say that the plano sunglasses are the sunglasses that all kinds of light could pass through the lens, while polarized sunglasses will block the light that is harmful through the lens.

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Classification of Plano Sunglasses

Sunglasses is divided into the category of things that protect the eyes. Because the sunglasses are too wear in the summer, the main function is to keep out dazzling sunlight. However, international standards subdivide sunglasses into 'fashion lens' and 'common purpose lens'. The quality demand of 'fashion lens'? is relatively low. Because 'fashion lens' is primarily about style, the wearer pays attention to decoration rather than protection. The quality requirements for 'common purpose lens' are more stringent, including UV protection, and index requirements for diopter and prism.

Use of Common Plano Sunglasses

Plano sunglasses have anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation, and other functions, in the protection of the eyes. And even if you go out to do business, they do not affect the personal image, color-changing fashion plano sunglasses can better protect the eyes under the sun. Plano sunglasses are not only stylish and beautiful but the workmanship of the fashionable plano sunglasses sets off the personal temperament. Wearing a pair of plano sunglasses that suits the individual could show personal temperament. Fashion plano sunglasses can easily draw the attention of others. For some situations, wearing plano sunglasses can make a person more eye-catching.

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