What are blue light glasses, and are they really helpful?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Can blue light glasses double up as sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What are blue light glasses, and are they really helpful?”.

What is blue light?

Many of today's electronics use a LED chip coated with a yellowish phosphor (YAG) to produce white light. With the production technology of white LED, blue light is the primary light source generated for the first time after the chip is energized, while the yellow light is the secondary light source generated by blue light. As a result, blue light is the highest energy of all visible light generated by the electronic screen. Some blue light has shorter wavelengths than other colors, and it can penetrate deep into the eye, slowly killing cells in the retina. Not all types of blue light are bad for our eyes, but the blue light emitted by any type of LED light (including all electronic screens and LED bulbs) is pretty harmful.

What are blue light glasses?

People who use electronic products for a long time can effectively reduce the damage of blue light energy to retinal cells after wearing anti-blue light glasses so that our eyes will not appear irreversible light damage because of playing mobile phones and computers. In addition to blocking the blue light from electronics, today's blue light glasses can really prevent UV rays and filter out other waves. You no longer need a separate pair of radiation-proof glasses to protect against radiation from your electronics, as in the past.

Blue light glasses help you sleep.

The blue light has a negative effect on our sleep cycles. Blue light inhibits the production of melatonin, which promotes sleep. It can make you sleep worse. Exposure to blue light before bed for a long time can have a significant impact on sleep quality. Blue-blocking lenses, on the other hand, have membranes that reflect or absorb harmful blue light emitted by electronic screens to a certain extent, which can be harmful to the eyes. They can protect you from the bad effects while ensuring the quality of your sleep.

Blue light glasses protect your eyes from harmful blue light.

Between our phones, computers, and TVs, we spend hours each day staring at screens. These technical devices emit a certain short-wavelength blue light. This is very bad for our eyes. Blue light glasses are blue light prevention. Some of the anti-blue lenses just play the role of anti-blue, but some of the lens has the role of polarized lens, or have radiation protection, UV protection, and other functions. The more power they have, the more expensive nature is. In addition, anti-blue light glasses lens technology has mainly two categories, substrate absorption, and coating. Some manufacturers will merge the two technologies.

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