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What Are Oversized Sunglasses and How to Choose Them

What Are Oversized Sunglasses?

Oversized sunglasses often refers to sunglasses frames. Oversized sunglasses are often seen as a fashion statement. The oversized sunglasses have become popular for a long time since the 1960s.

But you may ask how big the oversized sunglasses are. The oversized sunglasses means the sunglasses should be larger than traditional sunglasses. And the stylish oversized sunglasses are available in different sizes and frame thicknesses. 

The oversized sunglasses offer more coverage and protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays so that they can reduce your risk of retina damage and skin cancer. Besides, the oversized sunglasses can serve as a chic headband that helps hold your hair back.

How to Choose Oversized Sunglasses?

Oversized sunglasses look amazing because they are stylish. So, how to choose oversized sunglasses? How to choose the best style and size for your face?

So, when choosing the big frame sunglasses, you should consider the following factors:

1. The oversized sunglasses should sit comfortably on your face without touching your cheeks. If the frames touch your cheeks, it means that they are too big for your face.
2. The oversized glasses should not hide your eyebrows, or the overall effect will be odd. Hence, choose a pair of oversized sunglasses that let your eyes peek out from the center of the glasses.
3. Oversized sunglasses should not dominate your face. If the frames are wider than your face, they are too big for you.
4. Check the position of the glasses arms. If the arms of the glasses don’t rest comfortably over your ears, the sunglasses may be too small for you.
5. Choose the frames that feel comfortable. If you feel too heavy and uncomfortable, the sunglasses may be too large for you.
6. Make a smile test. If you smile and the glasses rise off your nose bridge, you should choose another one. A change of facial expression should not change the way oversized sunglasses fit on your face.

So, if you want to choose big sunglasses, consider these factors.

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Where to Buy Oversized Sunglasses?

After learning some information about oversized sunglasses, you may ask where I can buy the big frame sunglasses. To buy them, you can choose to the local optical store. But to your convenience, nowadays, you can choose to buy glasses online. If you choose to buy big sunglasses online, the package will be mailed to you and you don’t need to go out.

So, to purchase oversized sunglasses online, you can try Koalaeye Optical, which is an online optical store, providing all kinds of eyeglasses and sunglasses. From Koalaeye Optical, you can even buy prescription sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, progressive sunglasses, and so on.  

To sum up, this post has shown what oversized sunglasses are and told you how to choose oversized sunglasses. So, if you have any different ideas for sunglasses oversized, you can share them in the comment zone. If you have any problems with glasses or sunglasses, you can contact us via the email service@koalaeye.com.

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