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How to choose sunglasses to protect eyes?

In the previous article, we discussed “How to buy designer sunglasses for cheap?”. In this article, let’s talk about “How to choose sunglasses to protect eyes?”.

When to choose color-changing lens sunglasses?

People who do frequently indoor, outdoor activities can choose. Because the discolored lens will change under different light intensities, the color of the lenses is light in the room because the light intensity is not high, and the light transmittance of the lenses is enhanced. When the intensity of outdoor light is high, the color of the lenses becomes darker and the shading ability of the lenses is enhanced.

When to choose polarized lens sunglasses?

Often polarized lens sunglasses can be chosen by people who like outdoor activities such as drivers, fishing enthusiasts. Polarized lenses eliminate glare from the road, lights, and water, leaving things clear and unobtrusive. Glare is the polarization of light reflected off an object's surface. As a result, glare will increase brightness and decrease color saturation, make the outline of objects blurring, and fatigue and dizziness will occur to the eyes over time. Polarized lenses can not only eliminate interference but also improve the ability to see things. At the same time, the frame material and style design are relatively light, suitable for sportswear.(

How to use sunglasses?

1. Folding

It's usually folded from the left side to the right sight.

2. Wearing

When operating, we must insist on using both hands to pick and wear sunglasses, avoid using one hand, otherwise the strength is too large, and then it is easy to cause deformation of the frame, or even fracture.

3. Cleaning

Dry rubbing is not recommended when cleaning, as it is easy to wear the lens. You can choose to use a special cleaning agent to spray on the surface of the lenses, and then use a paper towel to blot the water and then use a lens cloth to wipe. When rinsing with water, the water stains on the surface of the lenses should be dried with a paper towel or lens cloth as soon as possible. It is worth noting that ultrasonic cleaning cannot be used, otherwise it will destroy the sunshade effect of sunglasses.

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4. Adjusting

After wearing for some time, the frames can deform, putting a strain on the nose and ears, and the lenses can easily come loose. So you need to fix and adjust the frame.

5. Placing

The convex surface of the lenses must be placed upward, otherwise, it is easy to wear. Avoid making contacted with hard and sharp objects. There is a need to avoid putting sunglasses at high temperatures. When the temperature is too high, the sunglasses may be out of shape, especially plastic picture frame is almost not heat resistant. If it is placed for a long time in a place where the sun is easy to shine, the frame is easy to fade under the action of light and heat.

How should short-sighted people wear sunglasses?

First, you can choose daily or monthly contact lenses, and then wear sunglasses. The advantage is that after wearing contact lenses, you can choose your favorite fashionable sunglasses to wear. The second is to add a sunglasses clip on the outside of your myopic glasses, which is economical and affordable. Third, we should make color-changing lenses on our glasses. It can also be polarized. However, there is a drawback. Some lenses are slow to dissipate after changing color. Fourth, make myopia sunglasses, myopia degree (astigmatism degree), and polarized light are done on the sunglasses.

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