Are titanium glasses frames worth it?

Are titanium glasses frames worth it?

In the previous article, we discussed “Why did clear glasses become a trend?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Are titanium glasses frames worth it?”.

Titanium glasses frame commonly refers to pure titanium glasses and titanium alloy frame, titanium alloy is usually divided into titanium alloy, β titanium alloy, and titanium nickel shape memory alloy. Titanium has good corrosion resistance and is lightweight, and is now used in most of the metal spectacle frames. So how much is a high-grade titanium eyeglass frame commonly? Are titanium glasses frames worth it?

How much do a pure titanium eyeglass frame cost?

For the plastic frame, without a fixed metal rod in the middle, the retail price of the exclusive store is 30 dollars or so. Resin-coated metal frames are inexpensive, 35 to 85 dollars in the store. Because pure titanium is more difficult to make, and the material is more expensive, the frame price often starts from 50 dollars. For example, the ordinary Seiko pure titanium eyeglass frame is about 85 dollars. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries, titanium spectacle frames are popular as a kind of high-grade decoration and fashion. In the past two years, the domestic began to be popular little by little. Titanium spectacle frame belongs to high-grade consumer goods, and the price is usually above 50 dollars.

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Are titanium glasses frames worth it?

In order to exert the flexibility of the material,  the β titanium frame is designed to be mostly fine and delicate, and the style is limited by this. So the price of a pure titanium glasses frame is more expensive than the beta titanium frame, of course, the comfort is higher. Beta titanium has better strength, fatigue resistance, and environmental corrosion resistance than pure titanium and other titanium alloys. It has good shape plasticity and can be made into wire and sheet, which is lighter.

Because the texture of pure titanium frame is better, so it is more expensive than other frames, at least should the price reach more than 20 dollars, if the frame is only a few dozen dollars, then it must be fake and inferior. The most important thing to avoid buying fake products is to choose brands. For example, Seiko and other well-known brands rarely have fake and inferior products, so that consumers can be more assured to buy.

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