How much is a pair of safety glasses

How much do safety glasses cost?

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In the previous article, we discussed “How do you know your face shape?“. In this article, let’s talk about “How much do safety glasses cost?”.

The Role of Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are a kind of glasses with a special function. Different occasions of use need different glasses. They help protect the eyes and face from ultraviolet, infrared, microwave, and other electromagnetic radiation, dust, smoke, metal and sand debris, and chemical solution sputtering damage. Each worker who needs to wear protective goggles should be aware of the harmful factors in his or her working environment and wear appropriate safety protective goggles.

Protective Glasses Used to Prevent Solid Fragments

These glasses are mainly used to prevent metal or sand debris and other mechanical damage to the eyes. Lenses and frames should be resistant to impact. The glasses are provided with a sheltering margin, on which ventilation holes shall be provided.

Protective Glasses Against Chemical Solutions

These glasses are mainly used to protect the eyes from chemical damage caused by irritating or corrosive solutions. A regular flat lens can be used, and the frame are supposed to be covered to prevent the solution from splashing. They are usually used in laboratories, hospitals, and other places, and the common medical glasses can be universal.

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Protective Glasses Against Radiation

These glasses are used to protect the eyes from excessive ultraviolet radiation. The lens is made of special glass that can reflect or absorb radiation but can penetrate a certain amount of visible light. The lenses are coated with bright chrome, nickel, mercury, or silver metal film, which can reflect radiation. Blue lenses absorb infrared rays, and yellow-green lenses absorb both ultraviolet and infrared rays. And colorless leaded lenses absorb X-rays and gamma rays.

Protective Glasses for Gas Welding

The coloring agent used in this lens is mainly iron oxide, cobalt oxide, etc., which is yellow-green. The transmittance of visible light is below 1%, and only a small amount of infrared light could pass through. This kind of glasses is specially designed for use during gas welding operations.

How much are the safety glasses?

Of all the costs of a good pair of glasses, the highest operating expense is definitely the promotion of the brand. The products of independent designer brands not only strengthen the decoration of glasses but improve the comfort and convenience of wearing them. There's the material of the product and so on, so let's take an example and find out that how much do safety glasses cost? 3M 436 protective eyewear features a streamlined design with a carbonic acid (scratch-resistant coating) lens for high-speed particle impact and liquid splash protection. With high strength, lightweight, it can withstand the impact of a 6 mm diameter steel ball, at a speed of 45 m/s. It effectively blocks 99% of UV rays. Lightweight, impact-resistant, anti-fog, it is suitable for cycling, construction sites, and other scenarios. Prices start from 23.9 yuan. 3M Virtua CCS 11872-00000-20 protective glasses start from 51.02. Decathlon adult ski goggles G500S3, adjustable for tension and UV protection, can be used with a double-layer anti-slip silicone band and costs 199.9 yuan. So the price of safety glasses may vary depending on the brand.

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