Why are Clubmaster Glasses so Popular?
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Clubmaster glasses are a style of eyeglass frames that were very popular during the 1950s, and it experiences a renaissance as sunglasses during the1980s, which gives the frames a retro style appeal. The Clubmaster style comes with the famous distinctive frames consisting of a broad, stark upper frame. Clubmaster glasses enjoy much more popular than regular spectacles, becoming the best-selling sunglasses after aviator glasses and wayfarer glasses. At Koalaeye.com, people could identify their own size, fit, and color of frames...

Have you heard of Clubmaster glasses? Sometimes known as browline glasses, this style features a bold top frame that sits across the eyebrows and a more subtle metal-framed bottom. Made popular by Ray Ban Clubmaster style, this style has been around since the 1950s. Now, Clubmaster eyeglasses are one of the hottest styles to be seen, whether you’re wearing prescription specs or fashionable sunglasses. So, lets take a closer look at this classic style that we cant get enough of.


What are Clubmaster glasses?

There’s a timeless vibe to browline frames, and it pops up every now and then on the trendsetters list. It never goes out of style! The design, popularized by Ray-Ban with the Clubmaster style, was widely received in the 1980s, although it has been around since the 40s. It peaked in popularity in the 50s. This type of Clubmaster glasses is unique for its bold upper frame similar to eyebrows. The prominent rims on the top draw attention to your browline, which makes it the ideal frame if you want to accentuate your eyes. Designed with a plastic or acetate top, these glasses are made to look big but not heavy. The bottom rims are often made of a thin wire frame that secures the lenses. Clubmaster eyeglasses are popular in the recent era, appealing to people of all ages.


The Trend of Clubmaster Eyeglasses

The Clubmaster style is the most popular sunglasses style of the decade, second only to Ray-Ban's Wayfarers and Aviators. Clubmaster eyeglasses are designed to fit any face shape. With the resurgence of vintage fashion and retro eyewear designs, Clubmaster glasses are experiencing a remarkable renaissance as a classic and stylish frame. To this day, they remain one of Ray-Ban's most classic styles. They have been imitated by many other brands in the market. Clubmaster glasses are often seen on unshaved hipsters, classic dressers, and Hollywood celebrities. This is a sophisticated style for those looking for a sophisticated retro look.


What are Clubmaster glasses like today?

Today, Clubmaster glasses continue to be one of Ray-Ban’s most popular styles. Even though the term Clubmaster is exclusive to Ray-Ban, many brands have chosen to adopt Clubmaster style glasses in their stores. For those that are wanting to go for a chic vintage look, the Clubmaster style is a good go-to. This is due to the surge of famous Hollywood stars and bearded hipster influencers sporting them. However, due to the classy yet casual nature of modern-day Clubmaster eyeglasses, they can suit a variety of styles and occasions. Whether its for a business meeting, a day out in the city, or an exotic weekend escape, these glasses are many peoples trusty companions.


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