Which sunglasses suit my face

Which sunglasses suit my face?

In the previous article, we discussed “Sunglasses When Running”. In this article, let’s talk about “Which sunglasses suit my face?”.

Whenever you decide to buy a pair of sunglasses. There are so many factors that require your accurate judgment. However, for someone who is new in this field, perhaps you may need some useful suggestions before choosing a superb collection of beautiful things. However, which sunglasses suit your face is depending on various things. For example, what kind of image do you want to show in front of us? Do you want different explanations for yourself?

Many people choose their sunglasses based on brands and their appearance. However, we should notice that not all of the sunglasses match the colors of our skin, especially for a large number of products on the market nowadays. However, how to choose the right sunglasses is a big question, which matters the shape of your face, your skin color, and your temperament. If you want a cool image, cute or friendly? Your sunglasses are the second window of your face. Now here are a few tips about how to choose the right sunglasses for you.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/prescription-sunglasses)

Light Color Skin

Normally if you don’t have a dark color skin, you would less worry. Because your skin is very adaptable to the different colors of sunglasses, any style would not look bad on you. As long as you know how to match your face with the shape of the frames and the color of the clothes you wear. But if you need to drive very often or being outside to work or sports, I suggest you choose the polarized lenses because it could highly protect your eyes against the harmful UVA and UVB. So your journey could be safe.

Yellow skin color

For most of the Asian people, if they want to choose the appropriate sunglasses, they should be careful for their choice. Any sunglasses with the similar color to their skin are not quite acceptable, especially for the dark yellow or dark green, they would make your skin look much darker. There are many other good choices still. For example, you could choose the red color, or brown color. Because they would not only brighten your face, but also ensure the good effect for eyes protection. If you buy in the appropriate and reliable places, they will normally provide you the products with good quality and affordable prices.

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Besides the color which is mentioned above, each pair of sunglasses would be a distinctive individual. They are the second business card yours. If you have very good taste for clothing, then why not having more creations for your accessories? To match your elegant suits, you would become totally different. When people look at you at the first sight, they would focus on your eyes, your wear is the second. Now you should understand the importance of sunglasses.

Cool face, which sunglasses should I choose

If you have a cool face, and you are proud of keeping yourself like this, then you could choose the black color of sunglasses. It is mature and confident. If you are a CEO or a senior manager, your employees may feel that you are worth to trust and reliable. However, it may also cause distance between you and your employees. So it depends on what kind of image you want to show, and what kind of relationship you want to build. Because your sunglasses is the important face to reflect you. But if you want to make yourself become much more approachable to your employees, you want to reduce the nervousness between you and your employees, or you want to leave an impression to your employees that you are a good listen or at least you are willing to listen, you could choose the lighter color, however, it also depends on your skin.

Funny or amusing face, which sunglasses should I choose

If your face could bring fun and happiness to others, or make people laugh, that is a kind of treasure, and it would also bring you more fortune now, or maybe in the future, so why not choose a pair of sunglasses that suit your personality? I suggest red, orange, yellow, pink, light blue, or any colors that would bring others comfort. However, if you think your face is silly, or because of your face, it is hard to build a social relationship, you have difficulty finding a good job, or even find a life partner, now you want to choose a better pair for yourself, there are still a group of variety. The dark color and the rectangular or square frames are suitable for you. Of course, it depends on the shape of your face.

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