Which sunglasses brand is the best

Which sunglasses brand is the best?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Why sunglasses are so expensive?. In this article, let’s talk about “Which sunglasses brand is the best?”.

We seem to have some issues about buying a pair of sunglasses, will it be able to block the glare when I am staying outside? Will it be broken easily? Will it suit my face? Will it be ok for a friend's party? Will it suit my clothes? There are so many questions in front of us. But if you are a beginner in sunglasses, you may think the safest way is to choose a famous brand to ensure quality, protection effect, and satisfactory design. There are so many choices on the market, Then which brand is the best for sunglasses?


Ray-Ban seems to be the symbol of the sunglasses for nearly a century. In 1930, entrusted by John MacReady, the Lieutenant of the US Army Air Force, Bausch & Lomb developed the first pair of the sunglasses with the green lenses in the world. Later, in 1937, these pair of glasses formally entered the market with the name of “Ray-Ban”. It has the meaning of “blocking the glare”. “Ray-Ban” is very commonly seen in the movies. The pair which was being worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's was Wayfarer, the series of Ray Ban. In 1980, Tom Cruise wore the pair of aviator sunglasses in the movie of Top Gun. During that time, millions of people had been on a buying spree for Ray-Ban. But surprisingly, this wave did not disappear in a short time. Because of its eternal design, Ray-Ban had been long-standing popular since then. Ray-Ban enjoys its reputation of its extraordinary function for blocking UVA and UVB, the effectiveness would reach to 0% which fully meets the quality standard of ANDIZ80.3, EN1836 and AS67. This brand offers you very clear vision with  its exquisite manufacturing methods and polishing process, the lenses of Ray Ban have no optical deviation, and no fatigue, headache or tiredness will be caused to your eyes. The color of the lenses will not fade and remains new with the time passes. The design and philosophy of the frame of the sunglasses of Ray-Ban, is the same as the theory of lenses building. You will never be worried about the durability of its materials, which will fully suit your need for comfort.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/polarized-sunglasses)


Jim Jannard, the extreme enthusiast in science established Oakley in 1975. For a long period of time, Jim Jannard has constantly making a big through in the industries of sunglasses, and made his company to be the leader in sports field. They already has more than 600 patents globally. In 2016, Oakley assisted more than 700 athletes in Rio Olympics. Their brands were chosen by the top athletes in different items of the sports. The patent technical lenses of Oakley could 0% block the UVA and UVB. Its clarity is higher than ANSI industrial standard. If you are worried about the fitness of your face, that will never be a problem. Oakley could customize a satisfactory sunglasses for you at any time based on your face, which would keep every comfort for long time of wearing. The protection for your eyes could also be ensured. Any replacement for the lenses could be met according to various demands. Oakley could meet your various needs in different social occasions with their professional consideration. You could enjoy your whole day for skating, surfing, running, walking, hiking, fishing etc. The streamlined appearance is also very cool. Of course, the price is high, but for the sports lovers, if the price are affordable within your capacity, having a pair of Oakley sunglasses would not be a bad investment.

Precio de ventaDesde
Precio de ventaDesde


MYKITA is the famous brand of Germany, which frequently shows up in iF and the Red Dot Design Award. They have their own glasses store chains in more than 80 countries. Their frames are made of unique steel sheet which is sturdy, durable but will not be too light weighted. They are simple, beautiful and colorful. If you are fashion lover, MYKITA MYLON series would resolve your problem in a proper way. With the special materials, they are light, durable and soft, resilient. Because of that, MYKITA has won the Red Dot Design Award. It is proud of the exquisite handicraft which is famous for its German brand, but more surprise is their nice combination between fashion and color. If you are pursuing for simplicity but want durability and solidarity. MYKITA could meet everything you need. Their prices are ranges from 200-500 US dollars.


This is a very popular sunglass's brand because they are favorites for many celebrities and stars. The quality is good, and the styles are various. According to Fashionista, KoalaEye has 8 professional designers. They are responsible for 30-40 types, and each type has 5- colors.


This is the first company in China to use polarized lenses. Their polarized sunglasses are used by the China’s expedition team for north polar and antarctic. They have many patents in the world. Their elastic temples and nose pads, as well as the lenses and hinges are very famous, which improves the shortcomings of the sunglasses in the past and increase the comfort for wearing. Prosun has been playing a leading role in industry of sunglasses in China, with the reliable quality with proper price.

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