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Where were sunglasses invented?

In the previous article, we discussed “How much do sunglasses cost?”. In this article, let’s talk about “Where were sunglasses invented?”.

Sunglasses In Early China

Before telling this story, we would like to talk about the creation of glasses. “AiDai”is the ancient name for glasses in China. In the 'Dong Tian Qing Lu' written by Zhao Xihu, the Chinese literati, in 1240, it recorded that “AiDai” is as big as a coin, and its color is like mica. The old people can not read books because of blurred vision and visual deterioration. When they put“AiDai” on their eyes, they can see things more clearly than before. This is the earliest documentary records of glasses in China, which is half a century earlier than the related literature in Italy. So there is a saying that the glasses were created by the Chinese.

So what is the earliest record of sunglasses in China? According to the current records, colored glasses, called sunglasses, were created by ancient Chinese people. 'Gui Qian Zhi', which was written by Liu Qi in the 12th century recorded that sunglasses were made of smoke crystal, and usually officers in Yamen weared these sunglasses. They do not wear sunglasses to prevent the glaring sunlight, but to prevent others from seeing his reaction when listening to confession. Take a look, the ancients in China are smart enough. Originally, sunglasses were used to cover the facial expression, which is the same as the intention of celebrities who wear sunglasses today.

Precio de ventaDesde
Precio de ventaDesde

Invention of Sunglasses In America

In 1752, American James Ayscoyugh used green and blue glasses to protect his eyes from the strong light. These are first sunglasses in the world that look the same as glasses. In 1929, Edwin H. Lard of the United States created a pair of new-style sunglasses. These sunglasses can prevent people’s eyes from the strong sunlight. In 1937, this kind of sunglasses became popular all over the world.

The Earliest Sunglasses In Rome

There are also some ideas that the earliest sunglasses were born in Rome in 54 AD. At that time, the ancient Roman emperor Nero used concave emeralds and rubies to correct myopia, and he wore them to prevent the sunshine when watching fighting beasts and operas outdoor.

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