What sunglasses suit a man's face

What sunglasses suit a man's face?

In the previous article, we discussed “Can men wear cat-eye frames?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What sunglasses suit a man's face?”.

Wearing a pair of sunglasses for men can be said to be a symbol of status. Especially for the commercial white-collar men, the white shirt, tie, suit, leather shoes, plus a pair of sunglasses make its overall image promoted a while very high. Sunglasses frames have all kinds of styles and different shapes. As a whole, they can be divided into three types: full frame, half frame, and frameless frame. The shapes are pear-shaped, water droplet-shaped, oval-shaped, egg-shaped, rectangle, short square or polygon, etc., basically from the square and circular ones little by little. So how do choose men's glasses with different face shapes?

Round Faces

Round faces suit the sunglasses with a bulky frame. And if choose frames that have a fine and downy line, it can foil the face bigger. The lenses are supposed to be dark. The shape of the sunglasses should show that the face is square as far as you can. The round frames will let facial ministry be more overstuffed.

Square Faces

Asian people commonly have square faces, and this kind of face usually gives a person a sedate feeling, so you had better choose the low-key and concise design to highlight this advantage. Aviator sunglasses with slender frames are a good choice and don't take up too much of your face. In addition, many designers design unique and diverse details. But for people with relatively square face shapes, the wide and complex design of the lens beam will make the whole face look wider and flatter, exposing the shortcomings, so it should be avoided.

Oval Faces

Each frame is proper for this face shape, but it's best to choose a horizontal one that is slightly larger than the contour of your face.

Heart-shaped Faces

You can choose an aviator, oval or round one. Heart-shaped faces can be heart-shaped faces or triangles. People with heart-shaped faces can use any kind of frame, but heart-shaped faces are smaller and the lines of the face are more obvious, so wearing oval frames can ease the overall angular feeling. In addition, some faces look long, and the chin is more pointed, under this condition, one can choose sunglasses that the width of the frame is expected to be a little wider than the width of the face and can decorate the too-long face shape.

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