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What sunglasses are in style now?

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In the previous article, we discussed “How Sunglasses Are Measured?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What sunglasses are in style now?”.

Urban Style — Cat-eye glasses

Cat glasses was originated in the 1950s. Men's models don't have the obvious upward compared with the women's models.  The most important character is the curve of the lower edge and the end of the frame. They make men look yuppies. This style of sunglasses is a little bit ostentatious, so the color matching must be high-end, in order to not be vulgar. Black, brown, coffee, desert yellow, amber, ink purple, indigo, these colors are all good. They must not be gorgeous. Cat-eye sunglasses are surprisingly versatile. You can wear them with any clothes on any occasion. Choose the proper color in accordance with your needs.

Navy Style — Aviator Sunglasses

After continuous development, aviator sunglasses come out. These aviator sunglasses are with a wire-rimmed frame and a drop-shaped lens, which combines practicality and fashion. The drop-shaped lens is particular, the oval shape on the top and the circle shape on the bottom. From then on, sunglasses really appear. Aviator Sunglasses are perfectly matched with clothing in the military uniform elements.

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Hippies Style — Grandma Sunglasses

The retro hippie grandma sunglasses come from the grandma's reading glasses. The dark round lenses show the traitorous personality. The frame is from thin to wide which stands out the unconventional style.

Scholar Style — S Sunglasses

The size of the sunglasses lens should be temperate. Too big or too small sunglasses will make you look very overcautious. This kind of sunglasses is versatile. You can wear half-frame sunglasses with any clothing. However, these sunglasses are a bit picky. You need to try them on to see whether these sunglasses are suitable for you or not. And they are not suitable for bodybuilders. When they wearing this kind of sunglasses, people will think they are underworld pretending to go to college.

CEO Style — Square Sunglasses

The frame of square sunglasses is relatively rectangular, and the lens is larger. ?Such sunglasses will make men look like tough guys. Also, the slightly hard edges will make people capable and experienced. ?This kind of sunglasses is not suitable for casual wear. People will think it is neither fish nor fowl. Formal wear or business casual can match the temperament of sunglasses, and it can better interpret the Feel of a successful businessman.

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