What is the current fashion trend of sunglasses

What is the trend for sunglasses 2021?

In the previous article, we discussed “Why Should I Wear Sports Sunglasses When Playing Sports?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What is the trend for sunglasses 2021?”.

Sunglasses are the main force in the glasses market, leading the fashion and trend of glasses. In recent years, what are the trends in sunglasses? Fashion trends are constantly changing, but now it is back to the time and let's feel the retro style.

Aviator Sunglasses

The aviator sunglasses were invented by Ray-Ban for the U.S. Air Force during World War II. Unexpectedly, many people who dream of becoming aviators wore these aviator sunglasses, which symbolizes the heroism of the aviators. At the same time, due to the enthusiasm of Hollywood stars for these sunglasses, they began to become popular among the general public. This also laid the foundation for the aviator sunglasses to still stand at the peak of the trend and lead the fashion.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

In the 1950s, cat-eye sunglasses were the most popular among women. Of course, the Hollywood actress’s recommendation is indispensable. The frame looks like a cat's eye, and the upturned design is charming for women.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/polarized-sunglasses)

Browline Sunglasses

Female celebrities can drive the trend of sunglasses, and so can male celebrities. At that time, American film actor James Dean liked to wear browline sunglasses in front of the public. Also, Malcolm X, an important figure in the American civil rights movement, also became the Icon of these sunglasses. And then, eyebrow sunglasses became popular among men.

Precio de ventaDesde
Precio de ventaDesde

Oversized glasses

The word 'Oversize' influenced the entire 60s and 70s, and also drove the design of sunglasses at that time. Large-size and exaggerated sunglasses once became the favorite of ladies.

Psychedelic Granny Glasses

The glasses with ultra-small lens and a metal frame are called 'Granny Glasses'. The glasses are just like the one that grandmother wore in the movie 'Beverley Hillbillies.' And the hippies even applied all kinds of lenses to the 'Granny Glasses'. The most classic one is the granny glasses with psychedelic fluorescent color.

It is not difficult to find that although sunglasses are still changing their shapes, they have more or less shadows of those styles that have been popular. It is the result of the overlapping of different eras, and it also has the innovation and uniqueness of the era. Because of this, we can choose various styles and colors now.

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