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What is the best color of lenses for sunglasses?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Different Types Of Lenses For Sunglasses”. In this article, let’s talk about “What is the best color of lenses for sunglasses?”.

Is the darker sunglasses better?

In recent years, the design of sunglasses has also made many changes, lens color is one of them. But the color of the lens depends on the concept of transmittance, which is the ratio of the luminous flux passing through the lens to the incident luminous flux. The UV protection ability of the lens is closely related to the transmission ratio. The lower the UV transmission ratio, the stronger the ability to block the front UV. So choosing sunglasses is not the fact that the darker the lens color, the better. On the other hand, wearing glasses of lenses that are too dark on the wrong occasions can be dangerous. For example, when driving in summer, the sunlight is very strong, and wearing dark sunglasses when driving is easy to filter out light-colored objects, affecting the judgment of the distance between cars. In an emergency, dark sunglasses will delay the speed of image analysis of the optic nerve, resulting in slow response, and thus causing dangerous situations.

What are the benefits of various lens color in sunglasses?

Grey lens can balance absorption to any color spectrum, so watching scenery will only become dark, and will not have an obvious color difference, showing the real and natural feeling. Tawny lenses filter out large amounts of blue light, improving visual contrast and clarity, and are best to be worn in polluted or foggy conditions. Green lenses absorb light while maximizing the amount of green light reaching the eyes. It is suitable for people with tired eyes. Light blue, light pink and other lenses are also decorative more than practical lenses. The blue lens can be worn when playing on the beach. The blue can effectively filter out the light blue reflected by the seawater and the sky.

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How do myopic people choose sunglasses lens?

Lenses dyed by the glasses shop: The surface has not been hardened, and the lens is easily scratched. The color stability is low, easy to discolor. 

The myopic sun lens pre-dyed by the professional lens factory: The color stability is higher, and the optical index is more stable and reliable; 

Discoloration lens: Because of the silver halide added to the lens of the chemical material, in strong light irradiation, it will become a colored lens. 

Polarized lenses: They are lenses that allow only light from a particular direction of polarization in natural light to pass through. 

Polarized light clip: It is a more convenient clip specially made for people wearing glasses. 

Suction-type lens: It is composed of a pair of optical glasses plus a pair of secondary lenses with polarized lenses. The secondary lenses can be attached or removed as needed.

What is the best colors of lenses for sunglasses?

Different shades of sunglasses can absorb different amounts of light, with darker shades generally absorbing more visible light than lighter lenses. In terms of both visual effect and protective effect, light color lenses such as brown, gray, and green are the best lens color systems for sunglasses.

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