What is the best color for polarized sunglasses

What is the best color for polarized sunglasses?

In the previous article, we discussed “What are the pros and cons of polarized sunglasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What is the best color for polarized sunglasses?”.

When choosing the color of polarized sunglasses, don't just focus on matching with your own clothes. Polarized sunglasses of different colors can absorb different light. So, what color is good for polarized sunglasses?

The color of polarized sunglasses

1. The gray lens can absorb all kinds of light evenly. It will be dark when viewing the scene, but there will be no obvious color difference. It belongs to the neutral color system.

2. The brown lens can filter out a lot of blue light, which can improve the visual contrast and clarity. It is better to wear under severe air pollution or foggy conditions.

3. While absorbing light, the green lens can maximize the green light reaching the eyes. Suitable for people who are prone to eye fatigue.

4. Yellow lenses can hardly reduce visible light. But in foggy and twilight, yellow lenses can improve visual contrast and make people see more clearly.

5. Light blue or light pink lenses are lenses that are more decorative than practical. The filtering effect is often not satisfactory.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/polarized-sunglasses)

How to choose polarized sunglasses?

1. Consider the quality of polarized sunglasses. Good polarized sunglasses can completely block ultraviolet rays, so it is recommended that you choose polarized sunglasses with the 'UV400' logo.

2. When choosing polarized sunglasses, it should be based on the principle that the colors of the surrounding environment are not distorted, the edges of the objects are clear, and the signal lights of different colors can be effectively identified.

Precio de ventaDesde
Precio de ventaDesde

3. Try on polarized sunglasses before buying them. Try on to see if you feel unwell, dizzy, headache, dry or tingling eyes.

4. When choosing polarized sunglasses, you can also pay attention to the protective function of the frame. The frames of high-quality polarized sunglasses are designed with veneer arcs. In outdoor activities, it can effectively prevent wind and foreign objects from irritating the eyes.

How to maintain polarized sunglasses?

1. Before wearing polarized sunglasses, you need to wipe them. If necessary, it can be rinsed with a special cleaning agent.

2. When cleaning polarized sunglasses, ultrasonic cleaning cannot be used, otherwise, the polarizing effect will be destroyed.

3. Do not put polarized sunglasses on the console of the car. High temperatures can easily cause the deformation of polarized sunglasses.

4. When wearing polarized sunglasses, avoid contact with chemicals such as perfume and pesticides.

5. When polarized sunglasses are not in use, put them in the glasses case and wrap them with a glasses cloth.

In fact, polarized sunglasses are not the darker the better. The function of sunglasses to filter ultraviolet rays is only related to the coated film. It is not that the deeper the color, the stronger the UV protection. For long-distance drivers, if the sunglasses are too dark, the eyes are more prone to fatigue. It is also more dangerous when entering a tunnel and other places where the light is suddenly dark from the strong sunlight. Therefore, it is recommended that you can choose gray, brown, or yellow polarized sunglasses.

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