What face shape can wear cat eye sunglasses

What face shape do cat-eye sunglasses look good on?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Best Affordable Men's Sunglasses 2021”. In this article, let’s talk about “What face shape do cat-eye sunglasses look good on?”.

The corners of the flying eyes, with a sexy taste like a cat. Many street masters and celebrities love cat-eye sunglasses because they are sexy and cute. The fashionable style, coupled with some creative outfits, adds a bit of unique personality to the cat-eye sunglasses. What face shape do cat-eye sunglasses look good on?

Cat-eye sunglasses can modify the face shape

The cat-eye sunglasses that originated in the 1950s are the hot item every season. The upturned corners of the eyes reveal charm and mystery, and celebrities love them. Almost every female star has a pair of cat-eye sunglasses. Compared to other ordinary sunglasses on the face modification effect, cat-eye sunglasses can modify your face excellently. They are even more outstanding through their unique arc technique.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/prescription-sunglasses)

Choose the right cat eye sunglasses

The upturned corners of cat-eye sunglasses can increase femininity and make people feel retro. Girls with round faces and thin awl faces will have a stronger three-dimensional effect, making the face look smaller and more exquisite, and the effect is better. Cat-eye sunglasses have many shapes and colors, each with its own characteristics, such as the addition of colorful borders, three-dimensional inlays, reflective mirrors, and other elements, so that cat-eye sunglasses are varied. In addition, the classic tortoiseshell pattern and black frame styles are also versatile choices in daily wear. However, when we choose sunglasses, we must pay attention to choose the size that suits our face. Don't pursue the shape of the glasses, otherwise, the overall inconsistency will be counterproductive.

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Faces suitable for cat-eye sunglasses

The exaggerated cat glasses frame is suitable for three face types, heart-shaped face (wide forehead and cheekbones, smaller chin), oval face (forehead, cheekbones, and chin are more coordinated, and there is no particularly prominent part), square-shaped face (wide forehead and square chin). Cat glasses frames with large rounded corners are not suitable for people with round faces. If you are buying sunglasses, you do not have to strictly follow the rules mentioned above and you can boldly try any style.

Cat-eye sunglasses look great on oval, square and heart-shaped faces because the shape of the frame balances these features. But they also have many variations and styles, so they can wear many other types of faces. Choose a shadow with sharper edges or an oversized frame for upward bending, or for a frame with a thicker frame. These cat-eye sunglasses are suitable for anyone who needs to modify the rounded cheeks or fuller jaws.

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