What color lens is best for cycling

What color lens is best for cycling?

In the previous article, we discussed “Are blue light blocking glasses worth it?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What color lens is best for cycling?”.

Unlike ordinary transparent glasses, most of the cycling glasses are colored. These cycling glasses of different colors can play different roles. For example, gray lenses can reduce the light intensity and the chromatic aberration is relatively small. Brown glasses can filter out a lot of blue light, suitable for middle-aged, elderly, and myopic cyclists. Riding glasses of different colors also have different application scenarios. Black is suitable for strong light riding at noon, blue is suitable for foggy riding, and yellow is suitable for evening and night riding. Let's take a look at the commonly used colors of cycling glasses.

What colors are commonly used for cycling glasses lenses?

Cycling glasses have matching spectacle lenses of various colors. Different colors of spectacle lenses have different functions and effects. The commonly used colors of cycling glasses are grey, brown, green, and yellow.

1.Gray: The gray lens can absorb infrared rays and 98% of ultraviolet rays, and will not change the original color of the scene due to the lens. Because it can even absorb any color spectrum, viewing the scene will only darken, but there will be no obvious chromatic aberration, showing a real and natural view. Another advantage of gray lenses is that they can effectively reduce the light intensity.

2. Brown: The brown lenses can filter out a large amount of blue light and absorb 0% of ultraviolet rays, which can improve visual contrast and clarity. They are especially suitable for riding and driving, especially in severe air pollution or foggy conditions. Middle-aged and myopic cyclists can give priority to green lenses.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/sports-sunglasses)

3. Green: The green lens is similar to the gray lens. It can effectively absorb infrared light and 99% ultraviolet light, and it can also greatly increase the green light reaching the eyes. It is suitable for long-term cycling sports and can reduce eye fatigue.

4. Yellow: The yellow lens can absorb 90% of ultraviolet rays and can let infrared and 83% of visible light penetrate the lens. Because it can absorb most of the blue light, it is good for eye health, and to make the natural scene more clear, very suitable for enjoying the scenery along the way.

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What scenes are the colors of cycling glasses suitable for?

Cycling glasses of different colors also have different suitable scenarios. Generally speaking, dark lenses mainly reduce the damage to the eyes caused by strong light, while the bright color lenses can reflect more light and are often used in It is raining or cloudy. The brightening lens is suitable for riding in cloudy, dusk, and night.

1. Black: The black lens is suitable for riding under strong light. For example, when the sun is strong at noon, it is better to wear black riding glasses.

2. Blue: The blue lens can improve the contrast of eye vision to surrounding reference objects during riding, and are suitable for riding in foggy or low visibility weather.

3. Yellow: The yellow lens is a brightening lens, which has the effect of increasing the surrounding light and improving the reference brightness of the surrounding reference objects. It is suitable for riding on cloudy days, evenings, and nights.

4. Transparent color: Transparent lens has great benefits for protecting the health of the eyes. After wearing it, it can greatly reduce the chance of contracting conjunctivitis.

5. Coated lenses: Coated lenses are suitable for wearing in snowy or plateau areas with strong light and strong ultraviolet rays.

It is more troublesome to choose the right color of cycling glasses. If you don't want to buy more than one pair of glasses, you can also choose cycling glasses with replaceable lenses, which is much more convenient.

What is the difference between cycling glasses and sunglasses?

In addition, cycling glasses and sunglasses are not the same product. Although cycling glasses and sunglasses look similar in appearance, color, and material, they are different in function.

Compared with sunglasses, riding glasses have a windproof function. But don't underestimate this function, it can greatly reduce the chance of contracting conjunctivitis. So wearing good riding glasses, even when the riding speed is too fast, the eyes will not feel the discomfort of the wind at all.

The function of preventing scratches and protecting eyes when falling down. Cycling glasses do not use glass lenses in the selection of materials, because they will increase the possibility of injury when they fall, and the use of resin can protect the eyes from harm.

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