What are the most popular women's eyeglass frames in 2021

What eyeglass frames are in style for 2021?

In the previous article, we discussed “Where can I get cheap prescription glasses?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What eyeglass frames are in style for 2021?”.

In the past, glasses were one of the accessories that people did not want to wear out. After all, the technology was not so advanced before, the lenses always have a certain thickness, and the styles are not so trendy. You always feel less confident when you wear them. But in modern times, glasses have become a part of fashion accessories. Many celebrities and actresses do not shy away from wearing glasses when they go out. Today, I will introduce several popular glasses in spring and summer this year. Although they are all simple styles, they are very attractive.

Gold-Wire Glasses

Gold glasses have been popular since the end of last year, and many Korean stars like to wear them when they go out. Although it looks a bit nostalgic, it unexpectedly matches modern fashion trends. The frame of gold-wire glasses is usually round and the area is large, so it also makes the face look smaller. Gold glasses are also a perfect match with ordinary students' style. They are used to enhance their temperament. In fact, the hair color that matches with gold glasses is black hair. There is a strong contrast between the frame and the hair, which makes your facial features stand out.(https://www.koalaeye.com/blogs/our-stories)

Black Thin-Frame Glasses

The thin frame always gives people a quiet and elegant atmosphere. The black color greatly enhances the atmosphere of the literary, and it highlight the?vintage and academic style. In addition to the quiet and learned style with black thin-frame glasses, they are also suitable for sports and leisure styles. Whether you tie your hair up or loose your?curly hair, wearing thin-rimmed glasses can highlight your personal characteristics.

Precio de ventaDesde
Precio de ventaDesde

Amber Plastic Frame Glasses

Nowadays, almost all glasses are plain, and the color black is more common. But this amber plastic frame glasses has become one of the accessories that many girls love. In the past, most of the amber glasses were mainly thick frames, but this year's popular thin frame styles have unexpectedly won praise. Because the glasses are a bit eye-catching, you can use a single product of the same color to match the amber plastic frame, such as a windbreaker jacket or wide pants in earth tones. Clothes can also choose white, light gray, and other plain colors as much as possible. Last year's hot half-rim glasses also have amber version.

Transparent Plastic Frame Glasses

Transparent plastic frame glasses are the new popular trendof glasses. Many girls can be seen wearing them in Europe, America and South Korea. There are even sunglasses with transparent frames. If you think the above styles are not very attractive to you, you can challenge to wear transparent plastic frame glasses. Of course, the shape of the frame is not the same, there are almost square, ellipse, and round. You can choose the glasses that suit you according to your face shape. Although these styles are super-looking, you have to consider which frame your face is suitable for. Girls with square faces should try to avoid square frames, otherwise their faces will look more square. Girls with round faces are not suitable to wear too large frames, which will only make their faces look bigger. Girls with long faces should not wear too round frames, otherwise, it will look too heavy.

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