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What are the best German eyewear brands?

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In the previous article, we discussed “Are metal or plastic eyeglass frames better?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What are the best German eyewear brands?”.

The eyeglass that Germany produces uses more metal and has features of the degree of high elasticity, strength, and light,  like a practical artistic adornment. Let us have a look at the famous German eyeglass frame brand.


Mykita, a German boutique eyewear brand, was founded in 2003. Its appearance is modern and avant-garde. Its materials are advanced and unlimited, and its unique screw-free hinge design and integrated shaping of the lens have been recognized by the industry since its birth. In recent years, the brand has continuously launched crossover cooperation series with international top designers, capturing countless fashion people who pay attention to design and quality. With fashion and color that German brands don't have, their sunglasses are some of the world's leading fashion trendsetters.(https://www.koalaeye.com/collections/polarized-sunglasses)


Stepper brand frames use high-end three-dimensional ergonomic design and strive to pursue the perfect match and wearing comfort. It has an avant-garde innovative design concept, a senior design team, strong design and development ability, rich design experience, and is located in the forefront of fashion. So it has the world's quite avant-garde fashion style, lens type, and rich bright color combination, fully meeting the fashion needs of customers. Through innovation and technology, Stepper has adopted new materials and processes to create exciting and durable glasses. As an expert in design, materials, and manufacturing, Stepper provides glasses that are both beautiful and comfortable.

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Founded in 1877, Rodenstock is characterized by its innovative design, thin lenses, and superior performance, and has won numerous awards including the German Innovation Award. Rodenstock is a pioneer in the manufacture of lenses and frames in Germany, introducing the first multi-focus progressive lens in 1981 and the new generation of a multi-focus progressive lens, Impression ILT, in 2000. In addition, Rodenstock is actively studying the construction of the lenses and frames to increase the comfort of the frames.


Founded in 1946, Flair offers a range of glasses with contemporary designs and full protection. Flair's unique triangular open cutting and patented inlay technology perfectly integrate the lens with the frame. The carefully cut Swarovski gemstones are inlaid on the leg of the glasses, giving off a unique light and highlighting nobility. By using different high-quality metals, the designer creates glasses with high elasticity and strength, getting a tailor-made effect that acclimates the user's face. Each pair of Flair glasses is fully integrated into the frame with top technology. With the laser joint technology, the glasses do not contain the joint, which avoids the shortcomings of traditional glasses that are easy to conceal. The structure of the glasses is more stable and durable.

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