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What are power sunglasses?

What is difference between sunglasses and power sunglasses? Sunglasses are eye wear glasses that are used for the protection of the eyes from the bright light and harmful rays of sun, whereas power sunglasses do not only provide protection from bright light and harmful rays of sun but also correct the vision.

In the previous article, we discussed “The blue or black sunglasses suits best with which colored clothes?”. In this article, let’s talk about “What are power sunglasses?”.

What are power sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses are specially formulated after optometry according to the refractive condition of the wearer.? People with good vision don't have to choose prescription sunglasses, only those with refractive errors or presbyopia need this kind of sunglasses. Those who have trouble seeing while reading, writing, or doing other activities need power sunglasses. The power of the sunglasses varies depending on the problem and the severity of the problem. Optical power is measured in diopter. Power determines the thickness of sunglasses lenses. A prescription for these glasses can be obtained from an ophthalmologist. Prescription sunglasses are used to correct vision.

Three Forms of Choosing Prescription Sunglasses

One of the three most common options for prescription sunglasses is regular glasses, which have the function of clip-on sunglasses. These glasses are usually sold with eyeglasses so that they perfectly match the size and there are some relatively cheap and attractive models that may be fully usable. Another option is to buy glasses that darken in the sun, and some people really like these lenses because they don't have to bother with two different sets of glasses. Others find that these lenses are not dark enough, and their UV protection can vary. Another option is to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses.

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Prescription sunglasses can protect against UV rays and reduce glare.

For sunglasses, the UV index, or UV filtering, should eliminate the 280 to 400nm (nanometer, minus 9 meters) range of light. Power sunglasses provide protection from the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. Sometimes strong light can be blocked to the eyes. As a result, good sunglasses are thought to block 97 percent of the light that enters the eye. Power sunglasses are available for any age group. These sunglasses protect our precious eyes from the sun's harmful rays. Certain surfaces, such as water, reflect a lot of light, and the resulting bright spots can confuse the view or hide objects. Good prescription sunglasses can eliminate such glare.

Prescription sunglasses can provide optical clarity.

Power sunglasses have the same power factor as eyeglasses. Ophthalmologists recommend some kind of power sunglasses for people who may face vision problems. Vision problems include farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism. For this reason, power sunglasses require a prescription from an ophthalmologist. People can have their vision corrected, or they can use these sunglasses as fashionable sunglasses.

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